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Mader/Exactrix Low CV Nitrogen Test Plots, July 15, 03.

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News Flash

Initial Reports and News Flash Regarding Mader/Exactrix Low CV Nitrogen Test Plots, July 15, 03.
Normal N application rate in this PNW 14 inch winter rainfall is 110 lbs of N per acre with a 60 bushel yield goal, residual N in 4 feet of soil profile was 25 lbs. nitrate. The lage hillside fields have been averaging about 58 bushel per acre. The production goal has been met. This is annual crop, no-till continous winter wheat, HRWW, Falcon. You can see the plot layout at www.exactrix.com/mader.htm.  This reconfirms the Exactrix low cv application of NH3 will reduce the use of the material about 30 to 40%.  Similiar plots have been reported with corn. www.exactrix.com/foltz.htm.
Exactrix Mader Test plots harvest at the Walla Walla, WA. Boe Ranch, July 15, 03.  Four nitrogen rates at 50, 70, 90, and 110 lbs of N per acre indicate  that there was no significant difference in yield or protein from 70, 90 and 110 lbs of N applied. 50 lbs of N per acre showed a loss in protein of 1.5 % points and yield.  Final statistical data to be supplied shortly.
Guy Swanson
ASAE, ASA, AGA, WSDA Certified


Nitrogen Test Plots Exactrix July 15, 03
Summation of data, HRWW, Falcon, Prescott, Wash, Boe Ranch, Steve and Kevin Mader.
1.  110 lbs on N per acre, Protein Average 3 plots, 10.61%, Yield average, 1,726 pounds. 
2.  90 lbs of N per acre, Protein Average 3 plots, 10.68%, Yield average, 1,766 pounds. 
3.  70 lbs of N per acre, Protein Average 2 plots, 10.55%, Yield average, 1,720 pounds. 
4.  50 lbs of N per acre, Protein Average 2 plots, 9.315%, Yield average, 1,730 pounds.
Each plot was harvested with a 30 foot Deere 9600 hillside combine. The combine cut 30 feet of mature grain out of 45 foot seeder swath width in one 765 foot pass.
Each plot was weighed and protein tested at NWGG, Prescott, WA on a truck scale breaking at 5 to 10 lbs as reported by the warehouse.
The combine cleanout unloading auger was operated 30 seconds after empty for each plot.
Eact plot measured length was 765 feet. Each plot was .527 acres.
One 70 lb N  plot was dropped from the test, plot 6, due to the fact that it had been seeded twice on the upper 1/3 of the plot (seeding error in plot was caught and stopped and reseeded correctly). The double seed and fertilizer rate at 140 lbs N did not improve protein and reduced yield a small amount as compared to the other 70 lb N plots. (10.43% Pro, 1,560 lbs.)
One 50 lb N plot was dropped since the last 2/3 of the plot indicated a seed delivery problem with the metering system. Probably out of seed since it was the last plot seeded. (9.86% Pro and 1,460 lbs)
The plot ends were cut off and squared based on measured length of 765 feet or about 60 feet at one end and 150 feet at the upper end to avoid any error at seeder startup.
3 personnel were involved in harvesting and collecting data.  All data entries were double and triple checked by Mader/Exactrix/NWGG personel.
The protein samples were stored and sent to Waitsburg for the test weight to be calculated.
Rainfall data will be available shortly.
Coefficient of Variation and Standard Deviation Data is available each group of plots.
Each plot will listed at www.exactrix.com/mader.htm.
Guy Swanson
ASAE, ASA, AGA, WSDA Certified.








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