Nitrogen Stabilzation

Quickly the way I own no fertilizer company chemical company secret checks come to me.......there is no economic advantage to me to promote any fertilizer type or any agricultural chemical.
These are the facts as I know it......candid and straight only goal is make American Agricultural Producers as competitive as they can be....and saving our soil for the future.
Looking for Answers......
Thio-Sul is a nitrogen stabilizer.......
......listed by NRCS as a nitrogen stabilizer.
.......If the producer stabilizes nitrogen and manages nitrogen with Thio-Sul it will help him qualify for Tier 3 Eric Odberg, Genesee, Idaho.  It works in works in even works with center pivot application over the top.
.......Thio-Sul is a plant nutrient....and therefore does not require an EPA label.....and this is the rub with other companies that require an EPA label.  Therefore an EPA label costs a lot of money...the EPA labeled material may have human health hazards...The EPA will closely scrutinize any bactericide........they require constant review.......and some companies that purposely try to kill the soil life have a real battle on their hands.  The rub is the monitoring of "Bad Players" by the EPA....they are looking for Bad Players constantly.....and the rules risk is very high with these difficult materials.  This is one reason why they cost so much.....and guess what they price the material is based on the cost of side dressing....or about $10 to $12 per acre.  Because side dress nutrients is the competitor.
.......The George Blanda of Nitrogen Stabilization is Thio-Sul.  A triple threat quarter back that is economical....much more economical than any other choice.....and also an old and well known player for 50 years.
1. Thio-Sul is the soil bacteria....nitrosammonias, nitrobacteria....that convert the positive valence NH4 to mobile nitrate, negative valence NO3 are held back....the soil bacteria finds the band distasteful and they can not multiply.... other words Thio-Sul is not a good bacterial environment for multiplication..... from two single cell organisms which can multiply to 16 million organisms in a 24 hour period, Thio-Sul holds power over the multiplication in a very limited soil area....a band that is only .100 inches in width on 15 or 30 inch centers......a tight band with very limited soil contact....The environment is trying to raise a crop at the South Pole.....pretty cold and not ideal for habitation.
Thio-Sul is also used as a defoliant in potatoes to allow an early harvest....and potato soils always need sulfur anyway for the future rotation crops...such as DNSW.  Other nitrification inhibitors also use sulfur in the mix....Urea Gold 40-0-0-6S is a good example. Sulfur seems to always show up when nitrogen efficiency is driven higher. 
2. Thio-Sul is half Sulfate SO4 and half is a plant nutrient.....And plants need sulfur to make protein and to develop good roots.....and boost oil content of oil N and S go together hand and glove.  Sulfate is mobile....and therefore you need two sources of S....and the free source of sulfur is gone from the coal fired power plants and the diesel fuel.
3. Thio-Sul Solubilizes Micro is a reducing agent as the soil chemist would say.....This allows the TAPPS band pH to shift from 8.5 to 6.5 and or lower freeing up micronutrients.  The micronutrients released in solubilization are Cu, Fe, Mn, and Zn.  The Reducing Agent function.....allows the plant to consume critical micro-nutrients.  The material solubilizes the band area....this allow micronutrients to free up and be plant available.
Thiosul appears to be the lowest cost of all nitrification works consistently over time.....with a 50 year history in the PNW.....I have tried them all....trying to find the solution.
You might want to talk with Jay Goos.
I certainly sleep good at night....knowing that my producers have Thio-Sul in TAPPS.  The big rainstorms of eastern Kansas...the center pivot and furrow irrigation producers report great results.  The single product NH3 producers take way to much risk with expensive insurance policy on expensive N can be purchased for not much money.
NH3 is a 100 plus Billion dollar industry world wide....NH3 the 2nd most prevalent manufactured chemical on the planet....3/4% of the total energy supply is required to make NH3 and 3.5% of the natural gas supply to make NH3...some NH3 comes from coal and electrolysis........
...........NH3 is the winner of two Nobel prizes...Fritz Haber and Carl Bosch....and responsible for "The Green Revolution....another Nobel Prize to Norman Borlaug..........2 billion people are alive today because of low cost NH3.  The most significant development of the last 200 years as reported by NPR.....not electricity....not penicillin.....not the automobile or manned space flight.....NH3 makes everything happen 3 times a day at a reasonable cost.
And NH3 is the beginning of the hydrogen economy.  Yes sir....because NH3 moves in pipelines and is very concentrated in Hydrogen.....and nuclear power plants can build NH3 for about $172 per ton....and make a really good look at NH3 as the leader in the Hydrogen economy...Call Caterpillar and find out....things get real quite when you say NH3.....then go look at the patent filing and you begin to understand something is going on.......NH3 is a technical hedge for engine manufacturers.
You can be a Billionaire.....if you can figure out how to store synthetic nitrogen in the soil.....You could receive a very high award....You could be the savior of our delicate environment....If you can figure out the process technique to apply the N and hold N exactly where you put it.
The only way producers can store N..... is with organic N....the tool is OM and Legumes....the value of rotation is often a race with good sense....Rotation is always the winner.
Do not forget the hydrogen.....Soil pH reviewed..... nitrogen performance is always enhanced when pH is adjusted to 7.1 to 7.5......The N cost can be substantially reduced and the soil always works better when hydrogen is removed from the soil with calcium carbonate...or Lime.  Sir Issac Newton figure this out. For every action there is an opposite but equal reaction.
Thus I am off to Chile next month to see Carlos find that little secret from the Andes....that allows N to perform much better yet.....the secret is in the shadows of the Andes....Carlos seems to have it figured out...we just need to get the economics of his system....... and the American Agriculturist....the Producer....will beat a path to your door when N is expensive.


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