• Single Disc Openers At Speeds To 12 MPH
  • Precision NH3 Application Up To 40 Gallons Per Minute
  • Minimum Soil Disturbance
  • 4 Inch Deep Band Placement
  • Placement As Shallow As 2.5" or As Deep As 6" Using The Exactrix Direct Injection NH3 System
  • NH3 Metered Accurately As A Liquid

Exactrix Nebraska Clipper

Exactrix Nebraska Clipper

Exactrix Yetter single disc openers on 15 inch centers.
Exactrix Folding 40 foot tool bar.
Exactrix Deere 8440 tractor, 240 HP. Three point mount.
Exactrix Raven 440 controller with 11.9 cu. in. hydraulic drive motor, capable of 40 gallons per minute at 300 psi injection pressure.
Exactrix Ridge till application shown at 8 mph with 15 inch opener spacing.
Exactrix Minimum soil disturbance with a flow rating to 40 gallons per minute at 12 mph applying 180 lbs N per acre.
Exactrix Range orifices .120, 15 inch band spacing terminal injection orifices .070
Exactrix Dual tank outlets
Low pump mounting
Large 230 cu. in. Exactrix primary, 100 mesh blowout filter.
Exactrix The openers are compatible with 10-34--0 and NH3 without opener freezing. Direct injection allows the two materials to be placed together without freezing the 10-34-0
Exactrix Double your productivity with low soil disturbance. Apply NH3 deep or shallow with the highest port to port accuracy available.
Exactrix Apply NH3 with precision and cover 1 acre per minute.
"Quality is always remembered well after price is forgotten."
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