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                    P, K,Zn and N-serve
TM considered.

Indexing with strip tillage and alignment with previous rows and bands that occur with ridge till are time proven techniques to get improved efficiency with placed nutrients. The technique is also referred to as "Rotational Band Loading" A nutrient rich zone provides geometric access of the nutrients by the growing crop. Chemical and positional availabilty is especially profound for nonmobile P,K, and Zn.

Advanced technical producers can take advantage of this technique with the development of the single disc opener to apply EXACTRIX generated NH3. The single disc opener’s low horsepower requirement means the tool bar can be set up with 6 inch paired openers on 15 inch band spacing. The sixteen row tool bar shown bands NH3 on 30 inch centers with KCI,Zn and N-serve. Ammonium Phosphate is banded with the aligned paired opener on 30 inch centers. Twin bands are spaced at 6 inches.

Banding NH3 with KCL on 30 inch centers improves the efficiency decreasing leaching and volatilization potential. The Chloride molecules are extremely reactive with NH3. The addition of N-Serve delays the conversion to mobile nitrate. Zn is applied with the NH3 to avoid tie up with the phosphate. Aligning the spring planted corn seed rows with indexing allows the corn seedlings to access deep bands 5 inches deep and 6 inches apart.

Future crops can access residual bands and over time nutrients are more easily consumed by the growing plant.

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