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Fall Banding NH3
For Corn? ...
Improved options with single disc openers.
Spring banding considered

Production Tips 
No-till, Strip-till, Ridge-till        

 Single disc deep band openers can place EXACTRIX generated NH3 at depths of 2.5 to 5 inches with less horsepower, no opener freezing, and at speeds to 12 mph. Now producers can consider banding NH3 just prior, during or immediately after plowing. 

Horsepower requirements are reduced to 75% of the shank type openers which can generally travel no faster than 7 mph. Low soil disturbance allows low cost NH3 to be placed without moving soil over emerging crop.

Single disc opener result in less tillage results with higher speeds. Side dressing in notill conditions..

Spoon feed corn...low soil disturbance...improve the nutrient timing with virtually no N losses and highest nitrogen use efficiency.

The EXACTRIX NH3 does not freeze the critical ground engaging tools further decreasing horsepower and allowing higher speeds.

High port to port accuracy using the exclusive low Reynolds number injection nozzle allows the NH3 to be injected above the ground line with a very narrow injection tube. Tubes with a very small outside diameter of .138 can be used. The most common diameter is .187(3/16)

Banding EXACTRIX generated NH3 with 10-34-0 sulfur forms TRI-AMMONIUM PHOSPHATE SULPHATE, a highly available form of plant food. Often referred to as triple shooting it is commonly used to produce high yields in western wheat production. Phosphate can now be banded deeper since no separation is required between the discharge points. Freezing is a common problem with pressure reducing systems.


Single disc openers can be adapted to the Exactrix injector foot. The narrow 5/16 wide foot operates in the blade shadow. The foot does not engage the soil and injects NH3 at the ground line or slightly below the ground line. A depth control packer wheel should be used when opener depth is between 2.5 and 4 inches. The foot can ordered from Exactrix and provides for easy insertion of the NH3 terminal injection nozzle. Exactrix dual stage manifolds can be utilized with 10-34-0 and solution 32.


"Quality is always remembered well after price is forgotten."
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