"The PAYBACK".. Wheat

Watch Dan Mader Harvesting at Genesee, ID 2013


Over-application of nitrogen can result in severe reduction in yields. Soft white winter wheat is very sensitive to excessive nitrogen. The above harvest picture shows evidence of shanking or stripping especially on slopes where the NH3 applicator operates with the slope angle. The lower topography of the field also suffered from over application indicating the need for variable rate, site specific application of NH3.

The lower yields realized from over application reduced the field average by 50 bushels per acre and a reduction in quality. The question remains about nitrate leaching.

The Real Cost
50 bushels per acre at $6.00 per bushel=$300.00 per acre X wheat acreage.

"The risk can be reduced and profits can be increased with precise accurate application of NH3. Soft white winter wheat with proteins of 9% require .75 lbs of Exactrix Nitrogen per bushel produced. Old pressure reducing NH3 systems require 1.1 lb. of N per bushel produced. Combine yield monitors show the extreme variability of nitrogen required to produce excellent economic returns."

"Quality is always remembered well after price is forgotten."
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