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Internal Valve For Pumps
 REGO A3210A065
1-1/4" Angle Internal Valve.

2KA Series

2KB Series

2KD Weigh Master

2KF Series



The A3210A065 1-1/4 Angle Internal Valve

Modification Of Tanks
Complete Kit

State of Indiana Specifications Require Valve Bulkheads




Body Cadmium Plated Ductile Iron
Operating Lever Cadmium Plated Carbon Steel
Stem Stainless Steel
Springs Stainless Steel
Valve comes with 212 Degree F. UL listed link and "S" hook.
Ordering Information

             Install in half coupling only, 1-1/2" diameter minimum bore.
Your pumping rates go right to the top!

The A3210A065 1-1/4" Angle Internal Valve, with it's right angle flow passage and external cam actuator, allows for higher pumping rates due to an extremely low pressure drop. Allows the tank to be completely emptied. Siphon tubes often leave 15% NH3 in the tank. Extends tank fleet capacity up to 15%. Safer valve for NH3 application. 

Right Angle Design/External Actuator

  • Accommodates compact piping arrangements.
  • Eliminates the need for extra fittings.
  • Simple external cam actuator allows higher flow capacity and is fully maintained without evacuating the system or removal of the valve.

Large Unobstructed Flow Channels

  • Allows for higher flow capacity and higher pumping rates due to an extremely low pressure drop.
  • Eliminates actuator and packing from the flow stream.
  • High closing flow of 65 GPM.
Unique Swivel Actuator
  • Rotates to accommodate most mounting locations for cable control systems.
  • Easily adjustable once valve is installed
Quality Construction
  • Cadmium plating helps resist corrosion during storage and use.
  • Spring loaded chevron seals for more trouble-free operation and longer life.
  • Teflon packing.
  • UL Listed.

The Fisher, C-407-1O-M


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