Single Disc Opener Review
No Tillage Nutrient Application at High Speed

Several Changes are being made to build an improved 1890 single disc seeder.
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Fixed Angle Opener
Deere 1895







Install P-51 Mustang-image1

Install P-51 Mustang-image 2

Install P-51 Mustang-image 3

Install P-51 Mustang-image 4

Swiveling Opener  P-51


Swiveling Opener  P-51 in 3 models

Page 2

Two Types of Fixed Angles
Deere Single Plane 1890

Two Types of Fixed Angles

Case SDX Compound Angle, Banding


Banding and Seeding



                Bourgautl MRB-25



Moore Built Tool Bar.


15 inch band spacer, double rank.
Page 1.

Fixed Angle Opener
Deere 1895

Fixed Angle Opener
Deere 1895







Page 3. 

Three Types of Swiveling Openers

1. Blades Swiveling, Shanks Stationary

Horsch Anderson.

2. Swiveling Blade and Knife

Yetter 2996

Horsch Anderson

Paul Jasa demonstrates various
types of fertilizer openers.

University of Nebraska, Mead Farm, 2001

Opener Soil Disturbance July Field Day.

     Reviewing 7 different opener types.

Yockey Yetter, Very Good.


3. Swiveling Blade Injector









Page 4

Fixed Angles



Bourgautl MRB-25

Triplex Injection.  

Page 5 Deere 2510



Page 6  Case SDX




Page 7 Yetter 2987 (Video)

Page 8 Dutch




Page 9 Details of Soil Disturbance


Page 10 Swiveling with Knife


     TAPPS formulation.
   Yetter 2996



Page 11
Swiveling with Injection

          Spring wheat side dress



Spring wheat side dress






Side dressing, non-emerged corn in a
potato tillage system.

Side dressing corn, planted three days earlier

Winter wheat side dress


Chem-Fallow, TAPPS Aplication, June.

Hill climbing in the Palouse,
straight up and down, steep Palouse hills.

Winter wheat side dress


July, double crop, banding irrigated winter wheat stubble, sunflowers.

Kansas side dress, double crop sun flowers.








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