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Last Updated: 03/04/2021 12:28:20 PM

South Dakota Wheat Growers

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It was an impressivie November day in South Dakota....
 Rick of South Dakota Wheat Growers reported in to Pat Lancaster and Guy Swanson on November 12, 08.....about noon
We are in a quarter section soybean field,  south of Aberdeen about 15 miles....and west about 4 miles....1 mile south of the correction line.
Rick is the machine operator and Rick seemed well satisfied with the way things were going in his fall banding operation.
The tractor has plenty of reserve power.....top of the line tractor from Deere....man have they come a long way from the 7520 and the 8630.  
Variable rate control was being practiced with the machine....Rick was especially impressed with the Exactrix and quick response to rate change regarding the NH3 and compared to other applicators.  
The Variable Rate response was better then 3 seconds...in fact about 1.5 second....so the hydraulics are working well and the Exactrix, Mid-Tech valving and timing is excellent.
The 60 foot Horsch Anderson shank type banded application is working very well and reliable....... and Exactrix liquid NH3 sealing is exceptionally good and preferred over the other banding applicators that SDWG has in operation.....The 60 foot Horsch Anderson Exactrix TAPPS machine has been leased by Pat Breen of Seneca, SD to SDWG.
The low soil disturbance, single point, banding only,  Anderson shank opener is working exceptionally good...........The Breen machine is capable of up to 700 acres per day...providing that SDWG can get the input commodity to the applicator....Dry, Liquid and NH3 is being applied with the new Exactrix modified TAPPS shank type, carbide opener.
The goal is keep going as the weather shifts to be favorable later in the week.
The track trailer leaves the ground in top shape and ideal for spring no-till seeding of corn into soybean stubble....A good No-till design for dryland corn production.
The purpose of our trip was to bring the track trailer design review to a new level.....and to confirm the new opener was working well.
Track Trailers will be available in level land and hillside version in 2009.....The level land version will be assembled in IL and SD.
The track trailer is just about mandatory in 60 foot machine widths to drive the productivity higher.........The hillside version will allow the No-till drills to pull straight on steep slopes.

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