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Side Dressing Spring Wheat

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Producer.... Ken Hirsche,
Fertilizer Dealer, Southern Agri Services, Bob Forest, Agronomist.
Taber, Alberta,
June 22, 07

Side Dressing Spring Wheat.
A double rank of 34 Dutch Single disc openers. Dutch Tool Bar.

The machine width is 510 inches at 42.5 feet. Twin Manifolds. The bi-section is 255 inches per manifold. The 1/4" injection lines
are supplying .028 TIO's.

Deere 9300 tractor set up with hydraulic system.... Power Beyond, Load Sense, Auto Steer. 

The fertilizer dealer is Southern Agri Services, Bob Forest. The  NH3 Trailer is equipped with combine Steer Axles, 23.1 x 26 R-1
traction tires. The Twin 1,000 bottom outlet tanks are set up with 2 inch supply lines to the tongue mount 2KC Weigh Master.

The Exactrix 2KC Weigh Master weighs the NH3 within 30 pounds on 10,000 pounds applied. The system is setup with Dual Manifolds.

The system is monitored with the Exactrix Electronic Gauge Panel reading manifold balance and system pressures. 


1. The Exactrix liquid NH3 was Pre-plant applied with the Dutch Single Disc Tool Bar at 40 to 80 pounds N in plots late April early May. 

2. The field was seeded to Dark Northern Spring Wheat about May 10 to May 20 using a Flexicoil/NH airseeder with GEN openers. 11-52-0 in the row. 

3. The Single Disc Exactrix/Dutch openers Side Dressed the growing crop June 22nd with 20 pounds N as NH3.   

Coming Events for this exceptional tool bar. 

1. An experiment on limited acres...Study the Canola crop and allow the root structure to develop....then Time the application for side dressing Canola with NH3.   

2. Crystalline TAPPS, 2KP TAPPS Formulator is planned for the formulation of the Ortho Ratio   APP/ATS forming TAPPS with NH3 for band stabilization and top level placed P efficiency....The Ortho Ratio is 27-12-0-7S....The Ortho Ratio is known performer in small grains at no more than 12% or the gross income.  

Developed by Jim and Gordon Thorpe, Chevron Chemical the Ortho Ratio supplies plant food in the correct balance for early root development and good proteins and oil content.   

A $300 per acre gross income would allow $36 of nutrient to be applied with low risk in dryland production. 


The Dutch Single Disc opener.....is a very good opener. 

The Dutch Single Disc Openers provided exceptional No-tillage placement of NH3 with no heeling or soil lifting in wet soil conditions.  

The Dutch opener design maintains excellent performance with a narrow 2 inch opener depth wheel that scrubs the 20 inch diameter, 1/4"single disc blade.   

The Dutch Opener angle is adjustable and is set at the narrow position...The non-aggressive opener position shows very little crop damage... Ken has side dressed for the first time...Side dressing...a total of 60 acres for testing and applied NH3 as a single product at various rates. 

The Test Weights and Proteins need to taken from the side dressing plots. 

The Dual placement technique forming TAPPS with APP/ATS would drive proteins higher and better test weights....True....ATS drives proteins higher....sulfur is critical for protein formation with amino acids. 

Exactrix dual stage twin manifolds should be located at front of tool bar and on the wings to allow access and shorter injection line runs.


Deere, Power Beyond, Load Sense Deere High Flow couplers must be used
Mounting Brackets Nomenclature
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