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Special Points Of Interest

  • Quad Trak with 485 HP and compounding turbos

  • 60 Foot Seed Hawk
  • Exactrix NH3 Was Applied @ .6 of Soil Lab Recommendation





Canola taken July 9, 2009



Faba taken July 9, 2009




Seed Hawk at 60 and 84 feet.

Volume 1, Issue 2                                                July 13, 2009 


Smokey River Canyon at Tangent, Alberta

In the Peace River Country, Brent and Arnie Lunn now have winter wheat in rotation at 57 degrees north. Arnie and Brent are raising HRWW, the variety is Osprey. Breed by Brian Fowler at Saskatoon, the same breeder for Falcon.July 13 winter wheat, Brent and Arnold Lunn, Wheat trial # 1.Crop looks good and we are really looking forward to the yield results. Seeding date was Sept 7 2008 sprayed with frontline xl for broad leaf and no wild oat herbicide needed. This is the second year for their Seed Hawk Drill and the 485hp Quad Trak with compounding turbos.Guy Swanson of Exactrix has been steadily helping them                                                  with this project for three years.

Improved NH3 Supply

This year Arnie and Brent setup twin NH3 tanks so the supply could be improved to the 60 foot Seed Hawk. The Exactrix NH3 applications were made at .6 of the soil lab recommendations. Notice there is no seed cart, but 400 bushel of seed. This is a good machine design from Seed Hawk. With the ability to be backed up, the Seed Hawk is popular in hillside farming. Hillside farmers normally mount the NH3 and Poly Phosphate tanks to the tractor. Hopefully as Poly Phosphate and Thio-sulfate becomes available at 57 degrees North, TAPPS can be formulated to drive proteins higher. We look forward to the crop stands and harvest data from the plots.


                                            Winter Wheat @ 57 Degrees North, June 1, 2009

Page 2                          A Beaver Indian legend says "Drink the waters of the Peace River and you will return"

The regions along the river are the traditional home of the Dunne-za or Beaver people. The fur trader Peter Pond is believed to have visited the river in 1785. In 1788 Charles Boyer of the North West Company established a fur trading post at the river's junction with the Boyer River. In 1792 and 1793, the explorer Alexander Mackenzie traveled up the river to the Continental Divide. Mackenzie referred to the river as "Unjegah", from a native word meaning "large river". The Peace River, or Unchaga or Unjaja, was named after Peace Point near Lake Athabasca, where the Treaty of the Peace came authorized with the smoking of a peace pipe. The treaty ended the decades of hostilities between the Beaver (Athapascan branch) and the Cree in which the Cree dominated the Beaver until a smallpox epidemic in 1781 decimated the Cree. The treaty made the Beaver stay north of the river and the Cree south. In 1794, a fur trading post was built on the Peace River at Fort St. John, which was the first non-native settlement on the British Columbia mainland.



The rich soils of the Peace Riveralley in Alberta have been producing wheat crops since the late 19th century. The Peace River region is also an important centre of oil and natural gas production. There are also pulp and paper plants along the river in British Columbia.
Smokey River is a major tributary of the Peace River. The descriptive name refers to the presence of "smoldering beds of coal in the riverbank" noted by the Cree Indians.

Tangent, Alberta

The Village of Tangent is located approximately 30 km west of Falher, Alberta or 65 km south of Peace River. The population is about 50 people. In 1916 the Edmonton, Dunvegan and British Columbia Railway Station opened at this location. In 1928 the settlers started coming. The name "Tangent" comes from how the railway curves and then forms a straight line. It is the Geometric term that inspired the name of the community. At one time there was a school in Tangent, with up to 200 students. The present Tangent Pit Stop Store was a residence used by the Nuns who taught at the local school in and around the year 1967. Because the amount of students had decreased over the years, the school was finally closed and was torn down in the 1970's. Most were then bussed to Eaglesham, with just a few wanting to go to Falher.

Volume 1, Issue 2                                                                                      Page 3

Seeding Spring Crop in the Peace River with an 84’ Seed Hawk

The wildlife was present for a good day of seeding with Stephen Petluk at Nampa, Alberta. Stephen saved a field for yours truly..... the Great  Plains Reporter at 57.5 degrees north....yes he did save a field to prove that you can seed Canola on a 160 acre field with an 84 foot Seed Hawk. The Moose was present and was running towards us in the picture....and the Beaver had flooded out the adjoining field with one of their over winter beaver dams. There was Bear dung on the road....and at Tangent, Alberta down the road, Elk were being raised in pastures for their antlers. So Stephen finished seeding on June 1 as a demonstration of his Exactrix equipped machine.

Total 84 openers....with twin 48 port manifolds blanked back to twin 42 port manifolds. Thus the machine can apply Exactrix NH3 in 42 foot widths. The 2KC Weigh Master was mounted to the back of the 800 bushel cart. The 535 horsepower Quad Trak....was topped out at 4.2 mph pulling 84 banding shanks and 84 seed openers engaging the soil...plus individual depth control of each opener. The twin 1800 gallon NH3 tanks provided plenty of time between fills at 40  pounds N per acre...equivalent to 67 pounds N/A based on the soil test recommendation with Exactrix uniformity. Stephen was finishing up on 7,000 acres this spring....which included Faba Beans on some of his acres...along with Canola and DN Spring Wheat. The first pass was only understood as we came back around and aligned the 2nd field margin pass. This machine is wide. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Stephen is an engineer by training. This is Stephen's 2nd year with the Seed Hawk and 5th year with the Exactrix 2KC Weigh Master....and As Stephen said when I left field....

"Thank You for building your fine product".          


Seeding Spring Crop in the Peace River with an 84’ Seed Hawk









Maybe next year we can add a few new features such as 10 section control and Auto Boom Shut down for the Exactrix. Or better yet....The Mass Meter design with the 1700 transmitter and Totalizer Readout of weighed NH3. A handy feature with Landlords.                                                                                                         Stephen Petluk Faba Bean Seeding

 Another beautiful day on the Great Plains of North America.



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