for Selecting and Changing Exactrix Orifices

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Selecting orifices can be quickly implemented if the pump stroke setting is correct but the pressure is too high.

  • Doubling the square inches of the orifice open area lowers the pressure 4 times.

  • Doubling the orifice diameter increases the flow at the same pressure by 4 times.

  • Doubling the pressure increases the flow by 1.41 times.

  • Tripling the pressure increases the flow by 1.73 times.

  • A pressure increase of 4 Xs using the same orifice results in a 2 Xs increase in flow.

The E-6 injection pump delivers .1236 gallons of NH3 (.5241 lbs. N) per revolution at a 14 setting. This is full stroke. Each setting under 14 reduces flow 7.14%. Maximum pump speed is 350 rpm or 43.3 gallons per minute at full stroke. The E-5 injection pump delivers .0515 gallons of NH3 per revolution at the maximum setting. 

Determine acres per minute. Determine gallons per acre of NH3 required to hit the per acre rate.
Multiply the number of orifices Xs the gallons per minute of the selected orifice. Oty. 24 of .080 orifices Xs 1.649 GPM
= 39.58 GPM

NH3 weighs 5.14 lbs./G @ 60 degrees F
82.5%N @ 4.24 lbs. N/G, NH3 @ 60
degrees F

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