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Test SDX




Series 600E Extreme Service Inside View Series 600E Bottom View Series 600E, Triplex Injection

What's Different comparing the Exactrix SDX over standard SDX opener.  

1. Standard SDX scraper removed.....Exactrix Series 600 C scraper....with set back and heavy spring....and chrome wear parts. The Exactrix designed series 600 C operates.........in the Shadow of the Blade....No shelf effect....creates a slot at 2.5 to 4 inches in depth....depending on the depth setting. The 600 C scraper also has a heavy stainless steel spring that holds the scraper closed at high speed.  High priority effort on the Series 600 C scraper….there is also a Series 600 E coming that has a complete chrome base plate at 3/8 inch.  

2. Seed Lock Wheel removed....no need. 

3. Closing Wheel removed....Martin 20 point Closing Wheel installed.  

4. Band Spacing Changed to 12 inch….can also be set at 15 inch.   

5. Depth Wheel changed to 2.5 inch, Martin depth wheel....to leave stubble up to trap snow evenly.....Minimum Soil Movement....considering this is 8 to 9 mph application speed... 

High Production at 1 to 1.17 acres per minute at 8 to 9 mph.  

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