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Guide For Selecting Exactrix® Tool Bar NH3 Engines

  • Based on Acres per Hour

  • Acres per Minute

  • Pounds of N Applied per Acre

  • Gallons per Minute Through Selected Precision Orifices Based on per Acre rate and Speed.

  • Maximum Output to 80 gallons per Minute or 20,000 lbs. of N per Hour.

Standard Exactrix® precision orifice sizes from .010  to .120. Airseeder and No-till Drill charts are available in band spacings to 5 inch. All TIO's are manufactured within 1% tolerances and commonly apply 500,000 gallons of NH3 before service. All Exactrix Tool Bar Engines meet or exceed the ANSI standards. All Engines are compatible with N-Serve. Special flatline 1%ADM tolerance systems are available.

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