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 NH3 Trailers, Design Review 

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Exactrix engineers are developing low compaction, multi-axle control traffic trailers. This page changes often. Your comments are solicited. Please e-mail Exactrix with your comments. 

Steer axle trailers are the best choice for load carrying and slope stability. Sometimes it is necessary to cover all the needs of chemical formulation. This means 2, 3 and even 4 tanks may be required on a trailer.

The current best design that engineers can come up with is a three axle trailer with walking beam suspension and a steer axle. This trailer is rated at 45,000 lbs. and is shown carrying 26,000 lbs. of nutrient. Twin 1000 gallon NH3 tanks and a single 1,400 gallon APP/ATS tanks. Brakes are required for the rear axle.


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Turn-table designed trailers have poor performance.

  1. One turn-table trailer in three will have a hub bearing failure in the 1st year. 

  2. A turn-table trailer will tip over at least 2 times in it's useful life. 

  3. At least 2 spindles will break during the turn-table trailers useful life.

Indiana Zephyr
Wheatfield, Indiana
Side-dressing with the three axle trailer design.
Twin 1,000 bottom outlet valves.
Tanks tilted forward 3 degrees.
The Gauge line is 120 inch with front steer axle for slope stability.
Michelin steel belted radial take-offs from concrete delivery trucks.
The steer axle trailer turns sharp, slope stable, pulls straight and is rated at 30,000 lbs.
NH3 tank height allows third tank for APP/ATS below NH3 tanks.

North Dakota Switch-Back
Mott, North Dakota
Twin 1,000 gallon NH3 tanks
Bottom outlet valve
Combine steer axle trailer
Double offset tilt for rolling slopes
Liquid delivery
Dakota Acre Maker
Meadow, South Dakota
Twin 1,500 gallon NH3 Tanks
30,000 Pound, 10 bolt hubs
Trailer cart
Liquid transport delivery
Deere 1890, Exactrix Wing Injection

Alberta Clippers
Taber Alberta,
Typical NH3 Trailer Designs in Alberta.
Liquid Delivery of NH3.
Combine Steer Axles at both ends.
Gauge width set at 156 inches. Gauge width adjustable with the Thacker trailer.
Slope Stable.
23.1 x 26 Steer Axles.
Twin 1,000 gallon tanks.
Bottom Outlet Valves.

Serviced by delivery trucks

Alberta Clippers
Ken Dechant
South Dakota Track, TAPPS Formulator

Kansas High Plains Drifter....A Double Header.

Harlan Downing, Colby, KS.
Harlan will use one trailer to connect to three tools. 
Deere 1890 wing Injection, TAPPS,
Single Disc Tool Bar, TAPPS,
Strip Till Tool bar, TAPPS.  
The Exactrix final filter and manifolds are moved to each tool.  The injection lines remain on each implement. 
A 1,000 gallon poly tank for the APP and ATS is mounted at the rear turntable axle. The poly tank rides on the back axle. 
The 1,000 gallon poly tank turns when the axle turns.  The axle mount tank design provides the clearance for turning.
The 12,000 pound load of the APP/ATS will be transferred directly to the rear axle and not through the turntable at the rear.
The Transport has a 4 inch pump....Fill times should be 8 minutes to 12 minutes at 200 gallons per minute NH3...
Harlan will need to pay attention to plumbing on the transport.  The return vapor line should be 1.25 inch or even 1.5 inch.
Brad of Roadrunner is the trailer builder.
About $15,000 to $20,000 depending on the tires.
The trailer....weighs about 10,000 pounds without the tanks.
The 120 inch gauge line is for controlled traffic using 18 x 42 tires, with 20,000 pound hubs.
The axles are 10 x 10 x 1/2 wall tubing on the both axles.
Both axles rotate on a turntable.   The front and rear turntable has a brass lower bearing and a plastic upper thrust bearing. The Bolster appears to allow 20 inches of movement or 40 inches total
The lowest clearance point is 28 inches at the tie rods with 18 x 42 inch tires at 73 inch diameter......
It would appear that an 80 inch diameter tire would maximize clearance and can be easily added as an option with about a 32 inch clearance for big corn side dress.
The front axle has the oscillating bolster....built in stops and a pretty clean design.
The 1.5 inch black pipe sch. 80 Tie Rods intersect under the frame. 
The rear axle tires follow exactly in the front track...Ideal for side dress.
The Exactrix engines will mount on the trailer.  Manifolds at the tool bar or seeder.
Transport delivery to the 2,100 gallon tank will allow fast fills and about 3 to 4 fills before return.
The NH3 tank valve is 3 inch. 
This design looks good...tested on terraces and at high speed.
The trailer does need a brake option....just to keep everybody happy and ASABE and ANSI and state standards in certain states will require brakes.
The trailer.....Should only be roaded with the tractor or a tandem truck...no pickups.
The tongue is stout...with a Pentel hitch.
The wheel rims have 1 inch discs, with 13,1/4 bolt circle with 7/8 inch studs.
The engine hydraulics will need to be hooked up correctly with 3/4" hydraulic lines from the Power Beyond circuit.

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