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The Exactrix 2KF Direct Injection System can produce flows of 10,000 lbs. N per hour with the proper supply tanks. Toddís Airseeder is set up for 7,500 lbs./N  per hour. The 2KF system requires no bottom outlet valves. The Exactrix cooler precision vents vapor into two openers that have downsized liquid orifices, This results in all 48 bands being exactly the same. 

Fargo Products has 3 configurations of the 2KF system. They are:

1) variable rate, hydraulic drive

2) ground powered meter wheel drive

3) hydraulic/mechanical clutch drive.

The Exactrix E-6 pressure increasing pump is mounted to the back of the Deere Airseeder delivery tank. This allows the system to be driven with a track driveline and hydraulic/mechanically clutched from the tractor.

The Exactrix 48 port manifold is at the center front of the seeder frame. This is a 60 foot run of 1 inch high pressure 350 psi NH3 hose. A hydraulic on/off valve is installed that sequences instantly with the Exactrix E-6 pump clutch.

 Airseeders have several different designs.  Fargo Products has specialized in this area. Their agreement with Exactrix is to configure these various systems to match the producers need.

Seed and deep band openers are also a specialty of Fargo Products. They set up Toddís machine with Farmland single disc openers with swept back knives. This opener swivels and oscillates in a rubber bearing. This helps in rock strewn soils. The swept back knives placed the NH3 @ 3.75 inches away from two paired rows of Deere shank type seed openers. The openers apply NH3 four inches in depth. Geometric access of NH3 by the plantís radical root system is ideal.

 The single disc openers must be carefully selected for No-till applications. Fargo Products has several different opener types available.




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