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The maiden voyage of the 60 foot Deere track seeder. The rear NH3 trailer is hooked to the Deere seeder wagon. The NH3 wagon uses the same track group as seed and dry fertilizer wagon. The Deere 9400 T powered out at 6.5 mph. 

The seed row spacing is 7.5 inch. Seed row ammonium phosphate is applied also. The tanks hold 430 bushel of dry fertilizer and seed. That works out to about 30,000 lbs of dry inputs. 

The Exactrix NH3 Direct Injection engine is a 2KF with a 48 port manifold. The machine has 48 single disc deep banders arranged to feed 96 seed rows. 

The NH3 tilting track trailer has two 1,500 gallon NH3 tanks. That's 13,000 lbs. of NH3 at the 85% fill mark. Thus at the 120 lb. N rate the tanks empty in 90 acres or about 1 hour and 45 minutes. The NH3 tilt track trailer is designed to handle bigger NH3 tanks since the seed and dry fertilizer tank will go about 115 acres before it is filled. The NH3 trailer could handle a single 5,000 gallon tank.

The Exactrix 2KF system provides about 20 gallons a minute to the precision dual stage Exactrix manifold. 

The matching track assemblies have 5 axles with 2610 sq. in. of flat plate contact to the soil. The low profile track allows for ease of mounting. The parts are common to the Case Quad-Trak. Fargo Products will offer a 2 axle track later this year. 

Loaded the tracks have about 6 psi of ground pressure. About 45,000 lbs. of inputs are being reduced about 210 lbs. per minute. This means the average pressure is 4 psi. This is ideal for reducing compaction. 

Todd Stanley sets the depth while Jack Oberlander discusses seed placement during the first hour of operation. A great accomplishment in a very short period of time.



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