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Head em up, Roll em’ out, Rollin, Rollin, Rollin, Rawhide’. Gil Favor said it best every morning on the trail to Abilene. Todd is headed down his own trail on tracks. 

The tilting NH3 track trailer is equipped with a hydraulic winch that ramps the tanks up and over center. 

The 20,000 lb. payload is supported by 5,200 square inches. That is about 5 psi of flat plate contact with 5 axles. 

Todd could increase capacity by installing a 5,000 gallon, 265 psi, DOT approved tank. That would allow liquid delivery with a Corken 3 inch sliding vane pump at 250 to 300 gallons per minute. The liquid delivery NH3 system has growing enthusiasm among large farmers since it is considered safer. 

It is a long load but surprisingly maneuverable. The machine length stretches at least .2 inches during the warm Minnesota days. You can hear the machine stretch and grow in the morning sun. The tracks roll down the road quietly. This would be show stopper in California. 

The reports back from Fargo Products are excellent. You can see the growing crop in the next issue of Exactrix Times. You will no doubt see the machine in several trade publications. 

Is Todd pleased with his new cropping machine tool2  You bet... and congratulations from Exactrix Global Systems. This is a very productive machine that fits the high rainfall sticky soils of the Red River Valley.



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