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High speed application requires durable X-16 openers. 

Hydraulic cylinders apply down pressure. 

Dual or single closing wheels quickly close the soil slots. 

The openers swivel preventing soil fracturing. 

The openers use a parallel linkage in combination with the depth control wheels. 

The Exactrix Injector Foot hugs the ground line and actually injects the liquid NI-13 about 1/2 inch below the soil surface. 

The disc creates the slot. The injector foot targets the liquid NH3 stream flow precisely. The stream width is .070 inch diameter and opener slot is .375 inch width. 

The closing wheels control the depth of the opener and allow the parallelogram linkage design to hug the ground line. 

The Exactrix Injector Foot is unique in the application of NH3. Residue does plug the opener since there is no shank. 

There is less soil fracture with the Exactrix Injector Foot and thus less tillage. This reduces horsepower and allows for an ideal No-till seed bed. 

NH3 can now be placed shallower than ever. The Fertilizer Institute recommends that NH3 be placed no shallower than 2.5 inches. Greg’s NH3 placements were made at 4 inches. 

Low soil fracturing assures less NH3 leakage. A closing wheel is mandatory. The key is low soil disturbance. The slot must close immediately with high speed placement. 

Applicators with 12 inch band spacing and ground speeds of 6mph in small grains require no closing wheel if the Yetter knife opener is used. 

Contact Exactrix for new developments in openers for the Exactrix system. Band spacing of 30 inch require this superior opener.


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