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Safety eye protection and gloves are mandatory for this safety conscious producer. 

The Exactrix 2KD filter is mounted on a turntable that allows the pump and filter to always remain in alignment with the turning of the trailer tanks. 

The Exactrix filter is 100 mesh with 466 cu. in. of capacity. The pressure drop is hardly measurable even at the highest flow rates. The element is dual O-ring sealed to prevent filter channeling. 

The rotating turntable was designed for Greg’s tool bar by Exactnx. Hose life is extended and a straight pull breakaway release is assured if the trailer tanks separate from the bar. 

The positive displacement pump is capable of 120 gallons per minute. The pump receives the liquid NH3 from the filter through a 4 inch swage type nipple. 

The Mid Tech 6100 controller is used to control the speed of the pump. The pump is rated to 750 rpm but seldom turns faster than 550rpm. The 6.2 cu. in. hydraulic motor uses up to 20 gallons per minute but normally uses 10 to 12 gallons per minute. Hydraulic hoses should be sized to 5/8 or 3/4 inch due to the 40 ft. length to the Mid-Tech three second hydraulic servo control valve. 

From the pump the NH3 high pressure liquid flow is directed to the mass flow meter. Mass flowmeters measure the flow through a looped tube using Coriolis effect or direction change that measures the actual mass flow or weight of the material. 

Mass flow meters are so accurate that the whole petroleum industry has changed to mass flowmeters. Turbine flowmeters are considered obsolete since the development of the Coriolis Mass Flowmeter over 20 years ago at Boulder, Colorado. In fact Dow Chemical has over 10,000 Coriolis mass flowmeters installed in one Michigan plant. Temperature has no bearing on the mass flow reading since it weighs the material dynamically as mass. 

The Coriolis mass flowmeter sends a signal, 350 Ibs. / min. @ 1000Hz, to the Mid Tech Controller through an interface. The 6100 Mid Tech controller compares ground speed and rate desired and sends the signal to the servo valve to speed up or slow down the NH3 positive displacement pump.  


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