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“Everything has got to roll.” This is Greg applying NH3 at 60 feet at 12 mph in soybean residue. Greg can actually run the bar at 14mph going downhill. The trailer tanks require considerable horsepower. The normal applied rate varies between 120 to 220 lbs. N per acre. 

The guidance light bar and the Mid Tech field mapping system gives him the feed back he needs to stay on the mark. The historical record is great for landlords and custom application. 

Less tillage was observed with the Exactrix Injector Foot and less horsepower is required to pull the applicator. 

Greg is shown standing next to the three Duo-Lift trailers that he set up with twin Chemitrol 1450 gallon tanks. 

The tanks are transported from the Coop with a tandem drive over the road truck. The Coop reduced the NH3 pricing since Greg provides his own trailers. 

Normally the tanks apply 10,000 lbs. of N before they are disconnected. This is about every 30 minutes.  

Each tank has it’s own Smarthose breakaway and Engineered Controls A3210 bottom outlet valve. A guard is also installed around the valve to meet the ANSI standard. Bottom outlet valves are quite common in the Western U.S. and Canada.  A wedge key slides into the valve. In emergency situations a tug or pull on the rope removes the wedge key and shuts down the valve.

The hose end valves are Continental A2700 low pressure drop with 3,1/4 Acme couplers. 

The Smarihose is new technology that eliminates pressure drop and reliability problems with standard mechanical breakaways. 

The bottom outlet valves are also vented to back of trailer when changing tanks. Greg designed this venting system based on experience of working with NH3.


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