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Lovell and Cook,
Ririe, Idaho, 5,000 feet elevation,  April 15, 06.
Seeding 7.5 inch DNSW 936, protein wheats, high quality wheat for the milling market.
The SDX has 64 total openers with Exactrix Wingless Injection, Carbide wear feature.
Potato Rotation..... heavy to tillage due to potato harvest compaction from trucks....No-till is practiced on the dryland acres...22 years.
Yield Goal 100 wheat on wheat and up to 140 bushel per acre on potato rotatation seeking high protein wheat,  high quality milling wheat. 
Applying 140 pounds N as NH3. Total including TAPPS 152.3 pounds ammonic N.
Applying 10 gallons per acre of 50/50 APP/ATS. 12.3 pounds N,  19.25 pounds P, 14.35 pounds S
Seeding 140 pounds DNSW with Dividend Extreme seed treat.
Total system capacity.
NH3 DOT tank....2800 gallon. 10,600 pounds N at 90% fill.
APP/ATS, Poly tanks 710 gallon. 50/50 mix APP/ATS, 1,757 pounds N,  2,703 pounds P, 2,049 pounds S.
Total pounds of nutrient: 17,109 pounds.
Seed 160 bushel.
Total dimenshing load: 49,100 pounds seed and fertilizer.
Yielder empty weight, Tanks empty: 21, 000 pounds, est.
Tractor, Seeder, Yielder, 140,000 pounds. est.


... Nitrogen Phosphate Sulfate strategy...split application...this system design can side dress spring wheat....Remember...70% of the wheat roots and therefore 70% of the nutrients need to be in the top 18 inches of the soil at secondary root expansion or tillering......  Somewhere between the middle to the end of May at 3 to 10 leaf wheat, side dress...The split application........makes higher protein and quality as per experience in the Relay Intercrop of DNSW and Soybean.....consider side dress at 40 pounds N with ATS and APP...possibly some Zn should be considered due to  7.5 pH. OM is about 1.5% on the irrigated potato land.  There should be a good Zn response.
Selectice Herbicide Application.....The seeder could also spray selective herbicide at side dress....fungicide can be considered.
....RTK and WASS Beeline Guidance.
Tri-Ammonium Poly Phosphate Sulfate Formulated with Exactrix liquid injection system.....Formulating the crystals of TAPPS within 1 inch of each seed row.
Exactrix 2KC Weigh Master, liquid NH3 injection, 2800 gallon NH3 tank with 3 inch bottom outlet valve. No Phase Shifter required with 4 feet of NPSH. Weighing the NH3 within 30 to 60 pounds on 10,000 pounds applied.
Exactrix 2KP, TAPPS Formulator, applying up to 20 gallons, APP/ATS, Zn per acre from twin 710 gallon poly tanks.

Yielder frame,....Ball and Socket hitch....Full load 17,000 pounds on tongue, 44,000 pounds or rear tandems, 30.5 x 32 R-3 with 30,000 pound hubs.  No significant soil compression observed from Yielder rear tandems and tires with 1900 square inches of surface area.
Also side dressing winter wheat as shown in one picture group.
AgPro 160 bushel individual port seed metering.....low 2% CV delivery at high seed flows..... up to 180 pounds DNSW seed per acre.  Will start about April 24, 06 on 3,500 acres Dryland Wheat based on weather and late spring snow storms...snow cover reported on dryland acres at 5,500 to 6,000 feet. Deep drifts from the snowy winter of Idaho, 2006.
The Exactrix Nutrient Supply System could easily handle a 60 foot SDX with twin manifolds.......this unit pulls easy. Turning is short...machine is well designed for short turn radius...considering the capacity and the width...this is the shortest turning radius seeder at 40 feet that I have ever observed considering capacity and width.  The seed delivery airline pivot stand is a valuable feature.....allows the 64 hoses to follow the turn.
The DOT Transport....The 10,200 gallon NH3 Transport fills through 3 inch Exactrix/EC Tank valve in about 12 minutes....2,400 to 2,500 gallons with a 4 inch transfer pump from the transport. The vapor return line should be sized 1.25" on the transport...presently 1 inch. The transfer system when properly set up will pump 250 gallons per minute of NH3.
Tips and Hints....
The dozer blade was added...too plough the snow drifts at Antelope, Idaho at 6,000 feet.....In Idaho....when seeding spring wheat always wear a hat, a coat, and gloves and be ready to plough snow.


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