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Several Changes are being made to build an improved 1890 single disc seeder.

Triple Threat and a Rotationally Powerful, Purpose Built 1890.

A.      The Deere 1890 has been selected as a 40 foot, 10 inch machine to allow controlled traffic and pre-plant TAPPS and TAPPKTS,Zn Humic
         Acid  banding of dryland corn.

B.      TAPPS single pass application and seeding of winter wheat on irrigated and dryland.

C.      The machine can also be applied to side dress application of winter wheat in late fall or early spring.

D.  Indexed Banding of Corn and Wheat. Dilutes Bands and adds more feeding root colonies…A new Chapter in Irrigated corn production
     using KTS and Humic Acid.

1. 10,000 pounds added….48 total openers have 210 pounds per opener of additional weight added. Wheel weights, 3,000 pounds added to
    the center frame and tractor suit case weights added to the outside  frame fore and aft..Fluid installed in the rear tires.

2. Openers changed to  Exactrix steel hubs, ½ inch bolts and 19.1 x 5/16 single edge blades. Yielder Manganese Steel Disc Blades with
    precision hub bore and special edging. 

3. Exactrix 4.47 Wing Injection with tilt feature for banding at 4 inch depth….10 inch centers.

4. Carbide added to the seed boots for banding at 4 inch depth.

5. Needham Ag seed bounce  and firming Tabs.

6. Needham Air Brakes.

7. Needham Ag narrow seed firming wheel.

8. Exapta Closing wheel.

9. Seed Flow Split at the Tower improved by Needham inserts.

10. All Run John Deere seed flow monitor.

12. Amity Tram Line Control for 120 foot Sprayer.

The B list.

13. Implement steering, Deere iGuide, 

14, Yielder Hydraulic Ride Control with accumulators installed.

15. Transfer pump to move 1,000 gallons of APP/ATS/KTS,AZn, B, Cu. and Humic Acid to the rear trailer tank.

16, ISO-Bus, 3 section, control of 2KC and 2KP.Center Section  is wider than wings.

17.Electronic gauge panel complete with Tach for 2 pumps.

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