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   Deere 455 No-Till Drill

 Steve Wilson, Colfax., WA

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36 Port Dual Stage Exactrix Manifold
Range Orifice, .040
Terminal Expansion Orifice, .040
Ausherman and Deere Corn Banders
Deere 455 Folding 36 Foot, Modified by McGregor Co., Dual product 750 Raven Hydraulic Drive control.
Rates: 130 lbs. per acre of actual applied N @ .75% variance
15 inch Band Spacing
Seeding speed 6.6 mph
Injection Pressure @ 6.6 MPH 150 psi
Tank Pressure, 80 to 120 psi
Accumulator Pressure, 80 psi
Ground Line, Direct Injection of NH3 and 10-34-0 in Deep Band.
Farm Size, 5000 acres seeding Winter Wheat.


Exactrix® Global Systems LLC
509 995 1879 cell, Pacific.
General office: 509-254 6854

4501 East Trent Ave.
Spokane, WA 99212