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Exactrix® System

  1. How does it work and description of TAPPS fertilizer

  2. Advantages of Exactrix fertilizer system

  3. Ultra high nutrient efficiency, crops and agronomics

  4. Benefits Of Exactrix

           Yield results & Economic returns

  5. Exactrix Test Plots results

  6. Grower results, comments and videos


  7. Implement set up

  8. Band width and accuracy

  9. Single disc banding

  10. Equipment For Sale

    Used and New ammonia tanks for sale

  1. Scientists & Universities

  2. Scientists that endorse and work with Exactrix products

  3. DVD Sales

  4. Trailers and Wagons

  5. Grain News 2011

  6. Grain News 2011

  7. Grain News 2011

  8. Craig's News 2011

  9. Corn Soybean News   

  10. Less Is More 2011N

  11. Exactrix Products

  12. How Exactrix Works

  13. Deere 1690 Dual Product

  14. Winter Wheat Side Dress, Kansas

  15. Case Exactrix SDX

Watch them run videos

Exactrix® P51C, Mustang High Speed, No Tillage, TAPPS Banding.

Deere 1890 and 1590 TAPPS Formulators, Dan Mader, Lewiston, ID

Kenze Palcewski, Bowman,ND,, VRT Auto Boom, Side Dressing Winter Wheat.  

Loading and Shipping Yielder®Track Carriers

Chris Breen, Pre-Plant Banding, No-Till, Case SDX, 60ft, SD

Ken Meier, Fall Banding at 60 ft, Steele, ND

Steve McCasland, Mustang, Yuma, CO, Side Dressing, P-51C Mustang.

Troy Jangula,  Napoleon, ND,

Yielder Track Carriers, Meet or Exceed Industry Specifications at Colby, KS

Brian Downing, Meet the Leader of the Yielder 60120, Colby, KS

Joel McClure, Hugoton, KS talks about his Exactrix System, Thee Most Advance Available, Seasoned Owner, Three Approaches.

Kevin Durler, NDR Set-up, Wright, KS Experienced Exactrix Owner

Steve McCasland, Yuma, CO. Corn and Exactrix, July 2012, P-51 C Mustang

Lorin and Grant Koehn discuss no-til corn in gumbo clay, 07/2012, P-51 C  Mustang, Copeland, KS.

2012 Wheat Harvest In The Palouse, Steve and Kevin Mader, Deere 1890 TAPPS Formulator, Exceptional Yields Produced.

South Dakota Wheat Growers - Fall Banding  (Windows Media)

Colorado Side Dressing - Steve McCasland (Windows Media)

Clyde Cook - Idaho Falls, Idaho (Windows Media)

Pat Breen - Seneca, South Dakota (Windows Media)

Gordon Mills - Crawfordsville, Indiana (Windows Media




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