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Exactrix Corn Producers report $20 to $40
of additional net income using Exactrix products.

Exactrix® test plots in various areas of the corn belt confirm a minimum of $20 more net dollars per acre. Producers report the entire investment is normally paid back with the first 1,000 acres of corn production using the Exactrix.
As an Exactrix owner you can receive an agronomic guarantee.
Here are the details:
Exactrix® will pay the producer $1,000 to carry out a randomized and replicated test plot to study nitrogen efficiency only. An example of a completed plot is shown at our  Foltz. page
The producer will use his old NH3 application system on the tool bar or applicator that has the new Exactrix System also installed.
The plot design and harvesting technique will meet University standards using weigh wagons.
The producer will apply NH3 with the old system and with the Exactrix in plot replications.
The standard rate of NH3 will be applied that has been used in past years.
The producer will reduce the NH3 application rate 30% in a series of plots that will represent 1.1 lb. of N per bushel of yield goal based on soil nitrogen stored from the soybean rotation.
No-till corn producers are encouraged to apply the NH3 at time of planting or side dress due to the well drained nature of the soil. Timing is very important in no-till.
If the producer can not achieve an additional $20.00 of net income per acre after two years of plot testing....Exactrix will repurchase the used Exactrix® system at 80% of the original purchase price. A $20,000 investment has a $16,000 repurchase guarantee over a 2 year period of plot evaluation. Exactrix will provide you $1,000 per year for any length of time the producer elects to test the Exactrix System up to 5 years.


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