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Last Updated 04/07/2021 01:20:47 PM

Green Play Ammonia™ and Yielder® NFuel Energy


There are several benefits to applying your fertilizer in the fall. The most important is that if it frees you up to concentrate on seeding in the spring. The advantages can far outweigh the disadvantages of using a two pass system. In the spring there is only so much time and the seeding needs to get done on time.

The best time is at the beginning of September directly behind the combine. There are often days in the fall when you can’t combine but you could fertilize. To do this you have to protect your investment. Exactrix® offers a system that allows you to place your fertilizer efficiently and keep it available in shank, or high speed single disc applicators. The bottom line is that the Exactrix®¸ system stabilizes the nitrogen. Exactrix® makes it possible to ammoniate the phosphate so it remains plant available throughout the growing season. The process is simple and now the equipment is available to reduce your time and increase your yield.

Increase yields in the
 10% to 20% range.

There are four things that affect yield, seed placement, timely moisture, pollination weather and plant nutrition. The Exactrix® system augments the NPK-S & Z to enhance yield and quality. The Exactrix® equipment directly injects your anhydrous ammonia as a liquid through the liquid APP/ATS fertilizer stream. The APP/ ATS reacts with the anhydrous in a flash reaction to 700 degrees F then back to ambient temperature linking the phosphate making TAPPS. Not only do farmers apply less nutrients with liquid streaming flow but they also see yield increases, since the Exactrix® TAPPS is more crop available. Only Exactrix® offers the opportunity to produce TAPPS. TAPPS with Zinc improves the crop quality and assures that other micro nutrients can also be added at top efficiency.

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TAPPS – Tri-ammonium Poly Phosphate Sulfate & Zinc is created by using ammonium poly phosphate 10-34-0 (APP) blended with ammonium thio-sulphate 12-0-0-26S (ATS), Ammoniated Zinc. Nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphate are banded together in the soil to create TAPPS, and seed is planted in a good seed bed with nutrients below the seed directly near the banded fertilizer. The seed roots seek out the nutrients.

Nutrients are much more crop available since the free soil calcium tie up is avoided and thus less fertilizer is required. The practice is popular in North America where crop production margins are very close. Center pivot corn production requires top nutrient efficiency striving for 300 bushels per acre of corn and thus TAPPS with Zn is on the job.


Discover the real benefit of using Exactrix® to fall apply your stabilized fertilizer.

Farms are getting bigger and time is getting shorter. It’s time to start fall applying your fertilizer. To discuss this contact Guy Swanson with Exactrix® and discover the real benefits and increase your crop yields.