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Direct Injection Technology

Port To Port Accuracy
Variable Rate Response
Nozzle Specs
Manifold Specs






Direct Injection Dual-stage Manifold

Key Components Are.....

  • Dempster E-5 high pressure or E-6 NH3 pump ground powered or variable rate hydraulically driven.

  • Precision black nylon 3/16 lines and terminal expansion orifices.


Port to port accuracy of 5%.
Direct injection of NH3 above and below the ground line in the liquid, non-aberrant state, single disc openers can be used.

Improved marketability of NH3 in difficult conditions.

Improved safety, high pressure instrument-grade components.   Burst pressure ratings of 2000 psi.  Fewer components required

Pressure increasing system maintains NH3 as a liquid throughout the system, improving NH3 band integrity and placed phosphate band efficiency.

Two-stage manifold for distribution of NH3.   Primary orifice group produces precision rates below 3 mph.  Secondary orifice group combines flow and produces precision rates above 3 mph.

Improved pump life and durable 3/16" black nylon lines do not degrade with UV exposure.

Accumulator stores liquid NH3 and overcomes aberrant flow, line flashing and pulsing.



Additional Features Are...

  • Wide orifice operating rate range at pressures to 300 psi.
  • Low cost, reliable, simple, designed with time proven instrument
  • No line coiling, lines are easily out-sourced and cut-to-length to match applicator width.
  • Precision accuracy, GPS timing, safety and economic crop responsesignificant environmental improvements in the use of NH3.
  • Exactrix dual stage accumulator manifold with precision primary and secondary regulation ports.
  • Available in porting arrangements from 9 to 72 ports and dual and single tier arrangements.
  • Easy to install and full support from Exactrix Staff.   3/16" lines install into standard applicator shank stainless steel lines.
  • Orifices are easy to change to match major application rate changes.
  • A major breakthrough in the application of NH3 and with the assurance of long-term use.


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