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Improving NH3 Efficiency         

Typical Tank arrangement shipped from AWT with Exactrix bottom outlet valve package.
1,450 Gallon Tank...$3,500
2,000 Gallon Tank...$5,200
Add the appropriate bottom outlet valve kit.

1.25" bottom outlet kit: 1N 7010...$1,500
3" bottom outlet kit: 1N 7030...$2,500


        1N7003...1.25" Valve group assembly, 1,450 Gal tank - $5,000
1N7004...3" Valve group assembly, 2,000 Gal tank - $7,700
1N7005...3" Valve group assembly, 1,450 Gal tank - $6,000
1N7006...1.25" Valve group assembly, 2,000 Gal tank - $6,700

Note: Tank bottom outlet base plate, which is common on both tank sizes,  allows conversion from 1.25" valve to a 3" valve at a future date.

  • Bottom outlet valve tank arrangements are available in two sizes, 1,450 and 2,000(1,990) gallon sizes.
  • The most durable liquid level gage is utilized...the Rotogage...highly accurate.
  • No ladders are required on the trailers. The tank fills from the bottom. All gauges are mounted at the bulkhead or at the shell bottom.
  • Valve guards meet or exceed ANSI and State of Indiana requirements.
  •  The tanks can be filled at the rate of 250 gallons per minute.
  • The tanks can be tilted 7 degrees forward for complete empty in rolling terrain.
  • The liquid withdrawal valves permit liquid flow to 0* F for applying NH3 in extremely cold weather.
  • Custody transfer using over the road transports allow rapid fills at the ground line using the Exactrix 2KD "Weigh Master" CT system. No climbing on NH3 tanks to observe valves and gauges.
  • AWT hydrostatic tested tanks are powder coated white and baked in the 1,450 gallon size. 2,000 gallon tanks are red primer coated only and must be field painted white.
  • Single tanks are set at 5.5 feet above the ground line on 90" gauge steer axle trailers and 120" gauge width steer axle and turntable type trailers. Single 2,000 gallon tanks are practical in such states as Illinois.
  • Twin 1,450 gallon tanks are set on 120" gauge width steer axle or turntable trailers. Twin 1,450 gallon tanks are recommended for custody transfer and high speed bars at 40 feet and greater. Twin tanks are set at 5 feet above the ground.
  •  Exactrix wedge keys allow quick shutdown of valves from a remote location. Shutdown ropes can be attached to tool bar.
  •  Precleaner strainer and magnetic plug prevent valve plugging from larger objects such as gaskets and floats.
  • The 3" valve package must be used on single tank arrangements. The 1.25" valve arrangement is used on twin tank arrangements.
  • Used 1,000 NH3 tanks can also be converted with the Exactrix bottom outlet valve kit.


1 Prescreener, non servicable,.187, 50% open.
Weld slag, valve parts, floats etc. are prescreened.
9 Valve bulkhead
2 Magnetic, multipole service plug.
Rust and small particulate under 3/16" dia. is magnetized.
10 3-1/4 Acme parking plug
3 Low pressure drop, bottom outlet 1.25" valve 11 2" nptf male x 3-1/4 Acme male
4 Valve actuator arm 12 3-1/4 Acme cover cap.
5 Inserted wedge key holds valve open. 13 Welded Exactrix Base plate
6 Valve extension adapter 14 A2700 Continental hose end valve, required but not included with assembly
7 Exactrix wedge key, remote shutdown 15 2" Smarthose breakaway, included with the Exactrix Injection System. Not part of the bottom outlet assembly.
8 Bulkhead support arm, Qty. 2 16 3-1/4 Acme female x2" nptf male adapter. Required but not included with assembly.

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