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Must See video of Guy Swanson explaining the new track carrier

Brian Downing Discusses the Exactrix Track Carrier

The business end of the high quality Exactrix tank designs. 

Updated 01/14/2013
 The 2 inch npt SS304 inlets and outlet are welded into position with doubler plates.   

Time proven designs from the Yielder years of the 80’s.   

The 2 inch designs are for quick filling at 250 gallons per minute using four inch transfer pumps supplying all tanks simultaneously.  

The 1.25 to 2 inch Sparge pumps and the Metering delivery pumps.....the Couplers are welded ss304 in sch. 80....the special weld couplers are the outlets for the pumps.  

The 2 inch ss304 welded Couplers have the vortex breaking Exactrix Grate design used for NH3 tanks. This Exactrix design doubles the flow to the pumps without a flow robbing vortex.  

The welded 2 inch npt nipples are used for return to the supply tank...as overfill protection....the tank system cannot theoretically overfill since the return flow is back to the top of the supply tank at the truck or trailer.  

The qty. 4, APP/ATS/KTS/Hydra Hume metering systems are made from ss304, at 54 inch x 66 inch and the tanks can store about 625 gallons....but they are rated at 605 gallons allowing the internal anti-vortex standpipe to return at 95% to 98% fill. 

There is a 3/4 vent on the return line top of the tank that allows the vent line to release to the ground line without spillage on the tanks or frame.  This design is utilized to assure overfill and also assures steep slope performance with sloshing liquids. The 3/4 stainless vent line is always open to atmosphere.  In hillside operation the vent line may need special attention to detail.  

In Hillside operation the vent lines should be routed forward to the front of the machine. The outlet flow should be directed outward and away from the applicator frame. This allows the tractor operator to determine if he is overfilling the liquid tanks in rolling slopes.   


The Sparge System is required when temperatures drop low....down to 0 degrees F....The Sparge system is normally operated with a small gas engine to move the material when the machine is at rest.  

When temperatures drop below freezing Sparging can be used with Hydra Hume in service.  


When temperatures are consistently below freezing the flush tanks should be filled with RV fluid and the lines should be flushed with RV fluid at night.  

Flush tanks can be added or one of the four ss tanks can be loaded with RV flush.  

When temperatures are moving to zero degrees F or minus 15 degrees C....nothing moves....the engines should be drained...all lines filled with RV fluid. The Sparging can continue at very low temperatures. It may be necessary to provide 1,000 watts heating per tank to maintain a quick start up integrity for when the weather breaks.  

The power of liquids is their ability to be delivered at 1% CV in all weather conditions…NH3 is inclusive as a liquid with Exactrix high pressure mass flow.  

Cold weather application is very reliable and can be repeatable with knowledge of how to keep the product on line.  

The power of liquids with Mass Flow is that temperature does not affect the delivery quality if the operator pass attention to the product physical characteristics.  

End of Season Storage…..assuring a 1% at the season start.

No service required for the Exactrix 2KC…store with NH3 in the pump.

Remove all nutrient and store, Wash and Clean Stainless tanks, Open Manways and inspect all ports and orifices. Replace Manway seal if damaged.  

The 2KM and 2KP systems.

Flush the system with RV fluid.

Remove Pumps, Inspect, Rebuild.

Remove the Mini Man Manifolds and Final Filters, Inspect, Clean, Rebuild.

Tracks help solve steerage and the repeatability problem of controlled traffic. 

Typically the three point mounted towed implement shifts left and right under load.   

Track type and belted track type tractors must steer twice to make a correction.  

The ball hitch allows the forces to occur over a greater time period…and allows steering corrections to be made more effectively in relation to the previous pass and position on the planet.  

The landscape may be rolling or steeply pitched and the implement mounted three point helps to modulate the steerage compensation that must be made for slope angles.  

The shifting of the tool is due to following old tillage shank marks or following improperly made previous tillage passes.  

The tractor supplied standard three point hitch can be much of the problem feeding back into the tractor steerage with uneven loading to one side of the tractor power train.  

Removing the three point from the tractor is the right move.  

The  next right move is tandems from the Yielder design of the 80’s.   

The next right move is a leading offset of the tracks.  

In fact tandem designs or Quattro designs allow straight line performance in side dress 30 inch single disc banding.   

A stable work platform results.  

The Fearsome Foursome....allows improved tracking for side dressing growing crops.

Camoplast picked up the Land Luv R design and then went ahead and developed this new track frame for the Yielder 60120. 

The project development has been about 8 years…..but a lot of good stuff from the 80’s that never was applied.  

This Yielder/Exactrix specific built track frame has a 5.5 inch Axle…for ease of removal for shipping or service.  

Not often can you find 24 independent axles….all oscillating independently fore and aft and side to side….allows about double the axle load or 60 ton at 2.5 ton per axle….meeting Caterpillar standards for economics of compaction.


With Single Disc Banding….about 25% of the load is transferred from the frame to the openers…Yielder Ride Control.  

Tongue load is adjustable….and can be set up to automatically adjust the tongue load based on the tractor performance monitor.

Uphill ski ahead. New Slope Groomer.....

Leading offset track design improves service and turning.  

Ships under 14 feet and ships on a lowboy from the factory to long distance farms on the Great Plains….  Tool Bar is removed, outside tracks easily removed with Axle.  

Inside 22 inch belts are on track center line of  120 inch.  

Outside track center line is 180 inch.  

The machine is designed to side dress 30 inch corn on 15 inch band centers…..with Mustang openers. www.exactrix.com/mustang.htm  

The goal is to run this machine every month of the year in Washington State, Oregon, KS, OK and Texas and transport easily.  

The machine will do controlled traffic and shift about 10 inches each year when Strip Till applying…to generate Rotational Band Loading.  

I would guess that most of the machines will be single disc design on the 5 or 7 section tool bar…Accumulator Ride Control.  

Single Disc allows speeds to 12 mph….if the 750 hp is in front of the 80 to 90 foot tool bar.  Power Assist seems a little more practical at 10 mph.  

Next machines coming on line for Alberta delivery are Single Disc Tool Bars.

Arch Tongue, Tool Bar at three point or two point with lift assist or three point with lift assist

A large tractor three point hitch good for about 16,000 pounds. 

The two point approach with lift assist from the back of the bar is utilized with the Mustang Tool Bar.  

The Yielder arch tongue has high load capability....and the tongue loaded can be shifted to properly balance the tractor of choice.   

The boxed and twinned Arch Tongue is 3 inch material….and designed for extreme loads at forces of 1,000 horsepower and frame weight loaded of 60 tons at speeds of about 10 mph.



Steel Hold of the Gun, The Breach........Hold of Steel of the Yielder 60120, The Breach.........at 1.000 hp....right here.

The Breach of 1,000 ponies....Massive.

4 Ball and Socket. Yielder.

Steel Billet, 8630… 8 inch ball…..5 inch shank….Heat Treated Crescents…. 

Long tractor tongue from mild steel, 3 inch tongue….12 feet in length…about 3,500 pounds of tongue.  

The ball and socket glides on a cushion of air….  new machining capabilities of the ball and socket allows clearance at .030.   

The Yielder adjustable tongue….allows triples….3 position…extends about 2 feet.  

The Arch and Adjustable tongue with the 8 inch ball….allows 1,000 hp at 60 ton.


You better come take a look.... Another High Water Mark in Kansas. TAF, TAPPS, TAPPKTS

Qty. 2 at Brian and Harlan, SPH. Second machine is high speed single Disc, P-51C rated at 1.3 acres per minute.


Advanced Fertilizer Technique of TAPPS and TAPPKTS is vermiculated with Tri-Ammonium Fulvate.  

For Producers,

The technique improves the net margin ….….The Margin is improved up to $300 per acre under center pivot corn production…. 

For High Quality Fertilizer Promoters.

166% more crop effective N….and 200% to 300% more crop available P and K. Powerful Geometry…N stabilized. CEC jumps with TAF or Tri-ammonium Fulvate.   

Also designed for large fertilizer dealers and Coops in Kansas moving 250 tons per day covering up to 1,000 acres per day at 60 feet to 120 feet in width.

Big producers moving to 2 pass in the Great Plains…better economics.

Moving ahead and sliding back....The initial target sea trial date.....in the field end of February.

The adjustable slide table moves back and forth up to 72 inches. 

The slide table travel stop has been set at 48 inches in the position shown.  

The slide table can dynamically shift the 60,000 pound payload back and forth changing or adjusting tongue load.  

At each field landing it may be necessary to shift the movable slide table back up to 4 feet to counter balance the weight of lifting the tool bar. 

The tongue load range of performance can also be improved by moving the tandem mounts forward or back.  

The tandem mounting plates are dowel pinned to assure maximum transmission of turning force into the frame.   

The tandems have a .7 degree inward tow to maintain directional attitude in side dressing application.



For Banding only at high speed with Exclusive P-51 Mustang openers.
TAPPS and TAPPKTS in Triplex Injection

For Banding only at highest speeds with Exclusive X-600 openers.
Hydraulic down pressure with accumulator ride control.

Fixed Angle Openers, That Seed and Band TAPPS....and that Band only TAPPS...economically.
Single pass or double pass winter wheat and spring wheat....or pre-plant banding for 19.6 diameter Yielder Coulter blades.

Big Diameter...Fixed Angle Openers that pass... Seeding at high speed with row 10-34-0,
micro-nutrients and Humic Acid.... band at 5 inch depth at speeds of 10 mph. Band TAPPS in a
2 pass design for winter wheat and spring wheat.... The banding tool is also the seeding tool
 in 2 pass. A good no-till opener for banding into heavy residue with virtually no soil movement.

Modified Case SDX with Series EX seed delivery....and floating ring seal hubs and 3/8 x 23.9 Yielder Coulter blades.

Available with 6 different opener types. Seeding and Banding.  Ultra Endurance, SDX and 1890...4 times more wear life.
Banding and Seeding. Swiveling P-51 C and X-600. Rated to 15 mph.
Yielder offset leading with 28 inch diameter for Manure.
Specialty Cross Slot.


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