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Broadcast E-Mail Sent September 24th, 2012

Top Dressing Urea Fertilizer With TAPPS Has Reverse Economics.
Lorin and Grant Koehn, Copeland, KS, Irrigated corn on corn, No-till...not strip till...True No-till
Banded on 15 inch centers into corn and wheat residue...

In March Exactrix TAPPS was applied with single disc Mustang 15 inch high speed openers into no-till corn residue at 160 pounds N, plus APP/ATS, Humic Acid and Micros. Plots were established at this same time line at 100 pounds N with APP/ATS/Humic Acid/Micros at the same lieu of more N to be applied top dressed in early June.

A comparison was made with ESN or Urea Slow Release Fertilizer.  ESN was Top dressed at 8 to 10 leaf corn.

The Urea Plot or ESN was also TAPPS banded at the same time in March at 100 pounds N. 80 pounds N was added later as a split Top dress application.

1. ESN, Split Applied with Single Disc Mustang TAPPS,
          100 pounds N,
          APP/ATS/Humic Acid/Micros and 80 pounds N as ESN at 8 to 10
          leaf.....272.5 bushels per acre.

       2. TAPPS only Applied Single Disc at 160 pounds N,
           Acid/Micros produced......276.3 bushels per acre

     Less N....More Bushels....Lower Cost... Less Risk. Econ 101.

Economic Analysis. At 75 cent N as ESN. NH3 at 45 cent N.
20 pounds more N as Urea ESN $15.00
60 pounds N as ESN vs. NH3 at 30 cents difference cost... $18.00
Cost of Spreading $4.00 per acre
Total difference in Cost $37.00.
Total in Yield at $8.53 per bushel times 3.8 bushel. $32.41

ESN top Dressed in 2012 has reverse economics resulting
in a loss of $69.41 cents.

Check out Lorin and Grant Koehn on 

Also in Large Test plots....Lorin and Grant discovered that 180 pounds of Exactrix N in TAPPS banded with the 15 inch band spacing Mustang P-51C produced additional yield of .75 bushels per acre. 160 pounds N does appear to be the sweat spot year after year.

As Lorin Says" We are good to go at 160 pounds N... it is about right year after year." Using Exactrix TAPPS.

Let's do this test again next year. Keep on testing. 

Guy's comments:
Positional Availability.No matter what N source is selected TAPPS will outcompete every time....Center Pivot Application of N as 32-0-0 with ATS included will still not produce the best economics.... TAPPS may not beat Alfalfa in rotation about 5 years.

Chemistry. Since pivot applied N is typically in the 300 pound N/A range. 

Uniformity of Application. When drought hits.... the real world settles N....All nutrients must be banded to get the best economics with no irregular delivery. Uniformity is the most powerful tool to root out the best economics. ESN is a salvage material and should be used as such with an airplane or a floater rig when the weather goes against the producer's plans and thus applied with the worst of worst of application systems....requiring double and triple the amounts of mobile N and no chance to make P and K work.

Timing.... Nutrients when the crop needs them.... all nutrients balanced in a band when the growth trigger says, "go baby go."

Liquid Streaming Flow... thanks to lots of research over the last 50 years.... Liquid streaming flow will produce the best results.

No-Till really helps.
Always plan for a success.... not a failure with Exactrix TAPPS and TAPPKTS.... using advanced single disc openers.