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Brian Downing, Colby, KS built up a new Deere 1890 for banding only in the Fall of 2011
The Banding Only, 1890 machine as shown has several improvements to get the machine to 25,000 to 35,000 acres before service.

This Banding tool bar is a low cost TAPPS, TAPPKTS plus Humic banding machine that does not disturb the soil.

This machine leaves a very good seedbed for corn, wheat, cotton, milo and can also be used as a seeder.

This is a common banding tool bar arrangement that is used across the Great Plains and the Pacific Northwest that has been built up for Endurance.

This machine has 32 bands at 4.5 inch depth or a 15 inch banding tool bar that can also be set up 10 inch band centers  to 48 feet in width.

The Ultra Endurance Exactrix equipment adds about $500 per opener.

                                          Here are few of the options.

1.      Frame Weights, Strategically located to balance the 1890 at ground speeds of 8 mph.

2.      The opener down pressure is improved with 4 inch cylinders.     

3.      Exactrix Series 4 injection has been installed which lowers banding cost. These are standard
         SAE 4 x 8 cylinders that 1890 owners have been installing.

4.      The Exactrix heavy duty steel hubs with 1/2 stainless bolts have been installed.

5.      The 20 point closing wheels from Martin improve sealing on difficult soils.

6.      Exactrix 3/8 x 19.6 inch diameter coulter blades in Ultra Endurance.

7.      The Deere 40 foot machine is set up to band on 15 inch centers and includes a rear hitch.

Brian plans to offer this machine to an Exactrix owner in his area....but you can buy this machine at a very reasonable price if you get your bid in to Brian.

Considering all the improvements to the machine...Brian will let this go down the road at very reasonable cost.

The machine was built up as a safety valve for his operation which is now 13,000 acres.

With all of his recent growth it is important to have lots of options when you are raising 250 bushel per acre corn with TAPPS and TAPPKTS with Humic.

Yielder® Track Carriers will be used this year with strip till and no-till.  Go to

His fleet of application equipment is in the 60 foot category since he needs to be 150% bigger to cover the acres..

His new single disc application tool bars will be set up at 60 feet and will use the P-51C Mustang opener. Go to

This is an excellent get a banding tool bar with very good resale value.

Custom Banding with Exactrix installed equipment varies between $25 to $35 per acre depending on the applications of TAPPS, TAPPKTS, Humic Acid, VRT, Sectional Control and third product injection, and Wireless Telemetric Reporting.

GS-3 is now quite common on Exactrix Tool Bars.

Typically most fields that are banded with this machine will bring $150 to $250 per acre more net income as compared to other approaches.
There is a lot of interest in custom banding Chemfallow fields with this machine.  In fact winter wheat yields reached 130 bushels per acre with this machine n 2012 in the PNW.

The Deere 1890 Tool is outstanding for going into established winter wheat under pivots increasing winter wheat yields about 20 to 30%.

The tools main use is pre-plant banding for corn under pivots using No-till and even Strip till in a fall pass mode.

Need more information go to

Also go to    Check out the video operating in heavy corn stalks.

Exactrix has new and Certified Rebuild TAPPS formulators in stock and ready to be installed.

Please contact Spokane 509 535 9925 PDT or  Brian Downing at 785 626 5020 CDT.