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       Great Plains No-till Nutrient
          Management Seminar.

                 Dec. 3, 2012

Comfort Inn, 9:00AM to 3:00 PM
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Some of the most experienced No-tillage nutrient experts in North America will be speaking.

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A Big Discovery, Confection Sunflower Yields Go Higher With Exactrix TAPPS.

In the dirt the Yields average 171 bushels per acre on 1,000 acres, 21 lbs/bu.
A good crop - 10% cleanout - 156 bu/a average, 3,276 lbs/a, Oct. 28, 2012

             Poverty Flats, Hugoton, KS,  07/13/12                              Joel McClure and his children - 07/13/12

Discovery: TAPPKTS, Variable Rate with three product injection is helping drive Sunflower yields higher with lower nutrient cost, in fact about half the nutrient costs of other methods using TAPPKTS. 

In Kansas (2007) there are 32 growers that raised Confection sunflowers on 5,776 acres. The average Yield dryland and irrigated summed was 1,372 pounds. Irrigated was not released in detail, but it is assumed to be about 1.5  times the dryland and irrigated summed yield or 2,058 pounds. 

A total of 198 million pounds of oil-type sunflowers were produced by 613 producers on 139,856 dryland and irrigated acres in Kansas.

A total of 131 producers on 23,000 acres produce oil type sunflowers.

The Confection Sunflowers are a smaller market with 76 Kansas producers providing 22.6 million pounds on 16,522 acres. The Kansas production of 32 producers was irrigated on 5,776 acres.   

Red River Commodities is a market maker based out of Colby, KS. The company also promotes into Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Nebraska from the Colby location.  David Sunflower Seeds  is a typical market promoter of Confection sunflowers raised in this area.  

The highest of sunflower target yields found on various education web sites is 2,500 pounds per acre.

                 Harvest Time - 09/20/12                                      Harvest Time - 09/20/12

After a quick literature review, it is assumed that a good crop is between 2,058 pounds to 2,500 pounds of Confection sunflowers per acre. The oil seed type of Sunflowers will yield higher, but the price is lower.

Joel McClure at Hugoton, KS is raising irrigated Confection sunflowers in 2012 and he has produced an outstanding crop with Exactrix TAPPS and TAPPKTS

                       Joel's McClure 07/13/12                                     Harvest Time - 09/20/12

The Confection sunflowers weigh about 21 pounds per bushel...some parts of the field are topping 200 bushels per acre. Confection Sunflowers are priced at 38 cents per pound. Joel is storing the Sunflower seeds in large Ag Bags at the field margin access. The Confection sunflowers will be shipped immediately after harvest.

The 2012 drought and high heat produced an ideal environment for the crop....and it appears that corn does not compete with Sunflowers on net dollars on his soil types when it is hot.

Another advantage of Sunflowers is that they can be planted later than corn.  They are sometimes double cropped behind winter wheat.

Joel has about 1,000 acres of irrigated Confection sunflowers, so he is producing about 20% of the crop in Kansas of Confection sunflowers.

Exactrix TAPPS was combined in liquid streaming flows to form the crystals of TAPPS. The Potassium or KTS, 0-0-25K-17S was injected as third product into the flow of the APP, 10-34-0, ATS, 12-0-0-26S. No Hydra Hume was used to produce these exceptional yields.

Crystaline TAPPS and TAPPKTS            For more information about TAPPS Formulators CLICK HERE

TAPPS formulation was applied in VRT technology with TAPPS and TAPPKTS, applied on 20 inch bands in strip till. The DMI tool bar was set up with Weigh Master Technology with wireless reporting using the 2KM.  The 2KM with the F meter was able to report bulk density. The system can be reviewed at

The Yields on one pivot were topping 4,200 pounds on the yield monitor October 20th. This was the highest point with average pivot yields between 3,000 pounds to 3,500 pounds in the dirt. Cleaned and processed, the yields averaged 2,400 lbs/a  to 3,000 lbs/a. The price was 38 cents per lb, with no insect damage premium.

Joel has ask for a bigger combine, so a new Case 9230 with a wider sieve is on the way from the local Case dealer.

The combine has the Sheyenne tooling sunflower header, and ground speeds are between 1.5 to 2 mph with the 7000 series Case Combine. 

North Dakota SUNMASTER HEADER                             Harvest Time - 09/20/12
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                                     Joel McClure Exactrix TAPPS Toolbar

Technical advancements in 2KM series. The Gravity of the situation with telemetric reports. 04/10/20/12

Mass Flow with the 2KM is proving economically successful with reporting the Specific Gravity of the APP/ATS.

Producers can challenge the scale....and can confirm daily application of "Tons Moved" directly to the fertilizer dealer.

Joe McClure is the first Exactrix owner to double check the APP/ATS blend....and confirm the third product into the flow.

Typically Joel's blend of APP/ATS weighs about 11.57 pounds per gallon and comes from the Elkhart Coop at Hugoton, Kansas....

Joel injects Ammoniated Zinc/Chelated Zinc into the flow of the APP/ATS just before the pump. He also injects KTS in certain parts of the field.

Running three liquid pumps (diaphragm and Peristallic) he can confirm exact pump timing and application rates are on the mark with uniformity. Normally about 2 to 3 seconds of pump engagement results in a readout change in Bulk Density.
For more information about Joel's fertilizer program CLICK HERE