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 How many crop years did it take Steve McCasland? make a 4,200 foot elevation, 127 acre center pivot,  average 316 bushels per acre...?

Liquid Streaming Flow

P-51C Mustang Openers. Triplex at 100 psi injection

First stream is APP/ATS/KTS, Hydra Hume. Micros and Ammoniated Zinc.Second Stream is NH3 at high pressure. Liquid Ammonia.Third Stream is triplex Ammonium Chloride and Glucosinolate when required.

Formulating T
APPS....TAPPKTS and Ammonium Fulvate using Humic Acid products such as Hydra Hume.
Hydra Hume and NH3 reaction at high 12 to 14 pH forming....Ammonium Fulvate being the most desirable form (lowest molecular weight) of Carboxyl's and Hydroxyls.

The chemical  injection is made into a vertical column created by the Mustang P-51C coulter.... Vacuum Injection assures a sealed delivery of nutrients at the 7 inch depth...

Vacuum Injection improves the band.

....By improving the structure of the band due to the negative pressure of the 24 inch diameter x 3/8 coulter surgical cut slot...

Nutrient ions are embellished in columnar vermiculated lattice of Carboxyl and Hydroxyls of Hydra Hume, Polymers of Phosphate and crystals of Potassium and Sulfur....

As a balance of plant growth stimulants, Ammonium Poly phosphate or APP,10-34-0, Potassium Thio Sulfate or KTS, 0-0-25-17S,  and Ammonium Thio Sulfate or ATS, 12-0-0-26S....with a Tri Ammonium crystallization of high pH NH3, Big N, (82-0-0) in linear streaming flows of balance nutrient ions....highly exchangeable with the plant's fine hair roots without toxicity or root burning and high phosphate efficiency.....

TAPPS, TAPPKTS with Hydra Hume assuring highly crop available nutrients reflected back in less nutrient input  to produce more crop and better margins....or as Goldilocks in " Goldilocks and the Three Bears"...."This clam chowder is just right".

For more information about Liquid Streaming Flows. 

Thank Goodness for Aqua Ammonia....the pathfinder of Exactrix Liquid NH3 injection.

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TAPPS Crystalines


Liquid Steaming Flows formulating TAPPS,
     TAPPKTS...Hydra Hume formed up as Ammonium Fulvate in a High pH reaction
     with NH3

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