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Dec. 17_2019 Acceptance, Kansas Has A Famous No-Till Field Full of Mustangs, Why? At 28 years, On Ute Road, A Vanguard of Infamy.
Dec. 10_2019 Manufacturing NH3 Locally, Exactrix Review of Power Costs, The Lowest is Idaho at 8 cents.
Dec. 06_2019 A Fall Banding Exactrix TAPPS Strip Till machine of incredible production capability as reviewed by Guy Swanson and Jason Swafford.
Dec. 02_2019 Mustang Review at Bellville, Chester, NE. Phil Poppe and Steve Kuhlman.
Nov. 24_2019 Appaloosa Horse Farm, Spring Brewing Barley. $27.50 of TAPPS at 1% CV
Eric Odberg gets a A $550 per acre gross income.
Nov. 16_2019 The 2019 Corn Production Margin Got Bigger. Career Bending Yields in Wheat and Brewing Barley.  
Nov. 06_2019 No Trumpets Please. Making good yields at 270 b./a. with $64.00 of Exactrix TAPPKTS with Micros.
Oct. 10_23_2019 A Love Affair, No-tillage with Snow and Anhydrous Ammonia, Fall Banding, "Jenny and I were Just like Peas and Carrots."
Oct. 14_2019 Anhydrous Ammonia, Nebraska Doctrine of Equivalents... Inside the Laminator. Something you needed to know. Making NH3 and TAPPKTS delivery.
Oct. 10_2019 Make No Mistakes, Exactrix Owners Bush Up. ...Headed for Nebraska?
Oct. 08_2019 There is Big in the Pacific Northwest....and then there is Real Big......Thinking Big, Storage is the Key. Gangwish Seed Farm.
Sept. 30_2019 Why Anhydrous Ammonia Works Every Time and especially well in No-till.....The Difference between Maximum Profit and Maximum Production | Agricultural Economics
Sept. 24_2019

Frontier Farming Days. February 13 and 14, 2020, Hugoton, KS Producers Get Top Yields with Custom Application. Producing up $150 per acre more net income in No-till. The entire investment is often paid back in one crop.

Sept. 17_2019

Why We Don’t Graze Winter Canola….Time Out….That Comment Needs More Thought.

Sept. 06_2019 Why Exactrix Works Everytime. Sat Shot and TKI is critical to your success. A powerful review.
Sept. 03_2019 Alfalfa, Income increased $180 to $450 per acre with Mustang Deep Banding and TAPPKTS, Micros and Fulvic/Humic Acid.
Aug. 22_2019 Big or Small Producers Get Exactrix Technology to Pays Big Returns, There is no turning back with the top 5% of the US producers.
Aug.12_2019 Clean and Clear Rivers Full of Fish, Eric Odberg....the Hill Climber, Coyote Grade, Brewing Barley, Home of the Free, Land of the Brave. 1800 feet above the Clearwater at Genesee, Idaho.
Aug.10_2019 The Big N, Exactrix Changes NH3
July.30_2019 How Bad Can It Get?  The First true Oregon fertilizer placement system started by Top Dressing Oregon Soils with a Plow to follow in a single pass.
July.24_2019 Double your pleasure, Banding Deep, Running Fast and doing it No-till.
July.16_2019 Producers Get Top Yields with Custom Application. Producing up $150 per acre more net income in No-till. The entire investment is often paid back in one crop.
July.10_2019 Roundup has a mission "The Terminator", Roundup Just got better.
July. 2_2019 What is the next chapter in corn and soybean yields...
Binary Banding On The Great Plains, Improving Corn Yields and flexibility, and driving nutrient efficiency beyond any previous values.
June. 24_2019

Discoveries made in dual application of N and P  using Yielder Drills and Aqua Ammonia. TAPPS/TAPPKTS

June. 18_2019

Get the most from the land and your investment.  Exactrix Gives you options.  June 19, 20,and 21. Moving to the next level with Mustang and Exactrix Tool Bars. Hybrid Winter Canola, and Hybrid Coastal Bermuda Grass.

June. 14_2019 Bring your good neighbor.  Top Yields and Quality in TAM Wheat, June 19, 20 and 21, Hybrid Winter Canola, and Hybrid Coastal Bermuda Grass.
May. 30_2019 Well Understood, Why China will fail. Why we are the best at what we do.
May. 24_2019

Discoveries made in dual application of N and P using Yielder Drills and Aqua Ammonia.

May. 23_2019 Finally 300 bushels per acre Corn on sand.Mustard Fumigation, Pacific Gold.
KTS is 2.1 lbs. S per gallon and 3 lbs. K per gallon.
May. 17_2019 Solving The Nutrient Mess in North America.
USDA News fills a spoon and not a cup. $20 Billion is not enough.
May. 4_2019 Exactrix Update, At Shelton, NE, May 2, 2019 "
 An Industrial Caldera of Fire and Ice".
May. 2_2019 Hybrid Winter Wheat Is Next At Lowest Cost Per Bushel Produced.
Thank You, Texas A&AM.  
Apr. 23_2019 Money Man, Guy Swanson Your Great Plains Reporter, How Did Rick and Joel Get More With Less? Rick Engelmeyer, Beemer, NE, April 19, 2019. Joel McClure Hugoton, KS, April 14, 19
Apr. 12_2019 Machinery Changes Everything -vA return to Hugoton.
Exactrix Banding 7 to 8 inch depths in Wheat and Sod at Hugoton.
Mar 11_2019 We are what we eat. News about Coastal Bermuda Grass for 12 ton yields. March 10, 2019
Mar 07_2019 Frontier Farming Days. A follow up of Feb. 14 and 15, 2019 at Hugoton, KS.
SRS, TAPPS, TAPPKTS Mustang Tool Bars, No-Tillage at High Speed.
Feb 18_2019 Frontier Farming Days Feb. 14 and 15. . SRS, TAPPS, TAPPKTS Mustang Tool Bar. Training by the best. Planting Wheat, Planting Canola with SRS.
Feb 11_2019 Hugoton Frontier Exactrix meeting set for good weather.
Feb 05_2019 Raise 300 bushel corn with $64.00 nutrient expense. Level 300 producers with VRT-Site Specific. 
Feb 03_2019 Advanced No-tillage Farmers, Hugoton Frontier Farming days. Weather is ideal for Banding TAPPS.
Jan. 25_2019 Is N serve required? Exactrix allows you, the producer, to control the outcome of high yielding crops.
Jan. 18_2019 Low Prices Require High Yields in Corn, Soybean, Wheat and Cotton, Hybrid Winter Canola, Highest Canola Yields in the World, Yes Sir, 50 Varieties of Winter Wheat to pick from. In Idaho, On the Camas Prairie.
Jan. 15_2019 Don’t Let The Ammonia Oligarchs Grind You Down. Ammonia is a good buy all the way to $2,000 per ton.  Beat up the Ammonia Oligarchs, 40% off on NH3.
Jan. 10_2019 Swinging with Tarzan, It is the Farm Economy Stupid, Why single disc. Yield Punch, advanced information on Exactrix. Video of Exactrix.
Jan. 09_2019 Finally 300 bushels per acre on sand.
Mustard, KTS is 2.1 lbs S per gallon and 3 lbs K per gallon.
Jan. 07_2019 Hanging Offense, Lone Star TAPPS and TAPPKTS.  Exactrix News from Texas and Kansas.


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