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May.13_2022 You get Seven key points to beat Fossil fuel..Zero Carbon, Low Cost, Easy To get, Locally Built, No Grid Connection, National Security Improved, Better means to raise crops and store soil carbon.
May.04_2022 Eric Oberg Sets High Goals
April .19_2022 Anhydrous Ammonia Works for Rocket Ships
April .18_2022 Build Renewable Power and Green Ammonia. Study on Canola at 36 cents per lb
April .15_2022 Zero Carbon Ammonia Signups
April .08_2022 Local Low-Cost Green Ammonia Leading into a New Era Man-Made Global Cooling Begins
April .05_2022 NH3 at 1% - Where did all the money go?The Best Broadcasts of 2021

Ammonia, Local, Low Cost, Green and Clean Leads Into the New Era. The Shell Game of Koch, CF and Nutrien. Man Made Global Cooling Begins.

Mar.22_2022 On the Great Plains, A solution, Time out for a measurement.  Where do you find 57.6 Million Tons of Topsoil.
Mar.21_2022 Ammonia, Local, Low Cost, Green and Clean Leads Into the New Era.
Mar.17_2022 The Three Legged Stool of Zero Carbon, Green Anhydrous Ammonia.
Mar.14_2022 Ammonia and No-tillage. A Total Reset of Time with Zero Carbon
Mar.03_2022 PNW and the Great Plains Green Play Ammonia Plants

Green Anhydrous Ammonia, Zero Carbon, Lowest GHG emission. Contracts Available at $100 to $300 per ton for 7 years.

Feb.18_2022 Ammonia Price Collapse - Green Ammonia at $100 to $300 per Ton
Feb.11_2022 True Lies of Complicated Gas, Marketing Secrets, Slogans that are Complex.
Feb.08_2022 Anhydrous Ammonia and the connection to Nitrous Oxide. Water. Cows gain better when there is miniscule nitrous oxide emission
Jan. 25_2022 NH3 at 1% - Where did all the money go? The Best Broadcasts of 2021
Jan.25_2022 Texas High , Best Corn in Texas with Exactrix TAPPKTS plus Zn B and Mn.
Jan. 1_2022 NH3 at 1% Explained, North America has it, others do not.

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