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July. 11 2024 Side Dressing Crops works in dryland conditions of Western Kansas.
June. 25 2024 Two Records Set, Nitrogen and Phosphate Application, NUE at .5 lbs. N/Bu/A. Set at Dalhart Texas. 
June. 04 2024 Improve The Profit Margin
May. 30 2024 Ammonia, The Crop prefers Anhydrous Ammonia always.
May. 22_2024 Anhydrous Ammonia, Zero Carbon, Green Hydrogen, Product Specifications, Anhydrous Ammonia Engines Now,
The Husker Secret, The New King of Energy.
May. 09_2024 Super Green Ethanol is Possible.
May. 03_2024 Less Anhydrous Ammonia, It Is Reduced Again With 5% savings field wide with More Yield.
May. 02_2024 Produce up to $150 per acre more Net Income with Exactrix® Process Management.
Apr. 30_2024  Ammonia from Exactrix Green Play, Makes $250 more net income per acre with Mustangs, Binary Banding.
Apr. 25_2024

Improving NH3 flow in rolling terrain. Twin 1450 gallon Top Outlet Tanks at 24 gpm max.

Apr. 22_2024 No-Tillage, 1%CV Exactrix Ammonia Mustang Banding, Running Deep, and Running Fast
Apr. 12_2024  In No-Till, Clean Ammonia is not “Clean” and it is full of carbon from Blue Hydrogen.
Apr. 10_2024 No-Till Is Better As Scientists Soon Agree With Exactrix Mustang Banding.
Apr. 02_2024 Exactrix Global Systems LLC 2024
Apr. 01_2024

NH3 at 1% with GPS Binary Banding On The Great Plains, NH3 as NH4 is at 99% crop available with Exactrix® Binary Banding.

Mar. 12_2024 Using Less Anhydrous Ammonia always gets More 2024
Mar. 05_2024 Series 5 - Exactrix® Mustang Flexing Toolbar
Feb. 22_2024 Exactrix is The Big N and No-Tillage with Exactrix Get two good yielding crops with one nutrient pass
Feb. 19_2024 NH3 Goes Deep, Is That The Secret?   TAPPS and TAPPKTS plus Zinc Goes Deep.
Feb. 15_2024 Nebraska Soybean Production Clinic - Thursday, Feb. 15, 2024 Exhibits open at 9:00 a.m; Clinic is from 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Merrick County Youth and Agriculture Education Center 1784 Fairgrounds Road, Central City, Ne
Feb. 02_2024 Top Dressing Fertilizer is a dead end street
Jan. 31_2024 Anhydrous Ammonia Is Changing With Exactrix and Green Play Ammonia.
Jan. 19_2024 Ethanol, Green Ammonia, Distillers Grains for Black Shirt Feeders
Jan. 08_2024 Nebraska Corn Production Clinic

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