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JUST ADDED  05/13/2021







Bange, Eight Row, 30 inch, Case Strip Till tool Model 5310, Mass Flow , TAPPS formulator.  

It was originally purchased by Raymond Bange, and transferred to Christopher Bange in 2009.  It has been stored inside since we purchased it from Ray.   

DMI 20 foot Nurti-till'r  set up on 30 inch centers/8 rows 

It will include new knives that were ordered, but not put on yet.  (They were a special order, so they cannot be returned.) 

This also includes a pump core that was replaced 2 years ago, and the core was not returned. 

If you have any questions, please call me at 785-443-1675.  Please let me know if you have anyone interested in this equipment and what the value is at this time. 

Thank you.
Vicky Bange


Ray Bange was a Master Kansas producer, Corn, Wheat, Cattle, Hybrid Coastal Bermuda Grass with a real history of innovation.

Exactrix and Ray teamed up in a great long term relationship that included his nephew Chris.

The machine is worth somewhere between $50,000 and $60,000 as appraised by Guy Swanson.

The final control system on the this unit is a Trimble ECU from the 2012 timeline.

The whole system can be rebuilt and certified for $10,000 with a full warranty for 2021 or 1 year warranty.

The system is an ideal start up system for a producer that wants to grow to 12 or 16 row which the system will grow into.

This systems applies 166% crop available N and 200% more crop available P and up to five times more effective Potassium as KTS. Trafix Zn is used along with chelated Mn manganese from Helena.  

Of all the producers that we have had at Exactrix, Ray Bange is rated the first man of Kansas.

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