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With Back Flush Capability


Big Changes At Exactrix....the next level in 60 foot application at 10 mph...1.25 acres per minute....Series 3 in Mass Flow...with the Brimmer Super Amp power supply....in 1/10 Horsepower.

Improved Flows of NH3…in cold weather. 

Typically Corken 2 inch pumps cannot make high pressure Exactrix delivery above 29 gallons per minute of NH3… 

Exactrix has meet the need to go to higher flows by employing the designs of the Laminator Series 3.  

The Laminator designs in combination with Corken Pumps are producing highly acceptable flows of NH3 at injection pressures to 300 psi.  

In fact the flows of NH3 can be high enough to require 20 gallon per minute hydraulic valve cartridges in combination with OMS125 series motors.  

At Shelton, Nebraska flows of 45 to 50 gpm NH3 were applied at ground speeds of 9.5 mph using Mustangs and the 940 tool bar with 61.3 feet at 165 to 180 pounds N per acre. 

See Video of Cover Cropping With Exactrix and Mustangs, PG Farms, Nebraska, April 2013  Part 1
See Video of Cover Cropping With Exactrix and Mustangs, PG Farms, Nebraska, April 2013  Part 2

The Series 3 Laminator allows the system to deliver up to 60 gallons per minute of NH3 with Exactrix Grate Couplings and Mounted tanks.  

The Exactrix Series 3 Laminator allows much higher ground speeds for Mustang Tool Bars. The Mustang P-51CUE are improving productivity very fast. 

Slowing the pump down....Much slower pump RPM with modified ZHX3200 is observed for the GPM delivered. The Sliding Vane Pump has been improved by Exactrix.  

The power supply has also been improved.  

Sometimes a big jump in Technology requires a reference to the past....and we are not going back to the good old days.

What is an Exactrix Sparging Reflow Blender? 

Hedge your bets with expensive nutrients making application savings that immediately payback the whole Exactrix system cost.   

Producers can use low cost Ammoniated Zinc and Hydra Hume saving up to $20.00 per acre in corn production.  

Exactrix SRB reduces the blending risk for large liquid fertilizer dealers. Allows the fertilizer dealer to deliver identity preserved products that are not committed into a blend. 

Allows the fertilizer dealer to participate more effectively with his busy customers.  

Brings the fertilizer industry into a new era of fertilizer blending using Mass Flow on the go with Sparging, Reflow Blending with Back Flush filtration.  
Guy Swanson 

What about Ammonium Chloride? 

Producers can use Ammonium Chloride with confidence with immediate cleanout saving up to $10 per acre.  

What about Lanthanum Rare Earth? 

Producers can now consider special products such as Lanthanum Rare Earth in perennial crop production.  

The Exactrix SRB….makes a big change possible in management of nutrients.  

Allows APP/ATS/KTS to be managed separately with low risk of the blend fall out.  

What about multiple products on the go.

Allows 3 and 4 products to be blended on the go with ISO and Can Controllers.  

Allows difficult and expensive materials to be adjusted in pressure and flow to be site specific.  

Allows for variable rate of 4 products simultaneously. e.g. 1. NH3, 2. APP/ATS/KTS, 3. Ammoniated Zinc, 4. Hydra Hume.  

Allows new products such as Rare Earth/Lanthanum Chlorohydrate (Molycorp) to be metered into the flow in perennial crop production.  

Allows the 2KM liquid system to clean out before each field land.  

Allows the 2KM liquid system to be parked for several days without blend settlement problems.  

Allows for complete back flush cleanout using the water truck to clean and remove deposits. No need to remove the filter element in most cases.    

Allows 4 gallons of injection material to be in constant sparge and blending.  

Allows the bypass to return to the Sparging Reflow Blender and not to the main APP/ATS/KTS tank.  

Allows for the prestart of the blend.  

Allows the most difficult materials to be blended on the go.  

Now producers can keep Hydra Hume separate from the APP/ATS/KTS tank mix and go site specific based on soil CEC.  

Ammonium Chloride can be blended in on the go from a separate tank. 

The ability to mix and  blend on the go allows the Micro Motion Mass Meter to verify performance of the system with Exactrix/Micro Motion telemetrics.  

Bulk Density Readout is available in the cab to confirm the blend on the go.  

The telemetric design and delivery of process information of the Reflow Blender with Sparging allows billing and confirmation from the tractor seat to the office computer.  

Pays back the entire system investment with yield enhancement and lower cost of nutrients….The Sparging Reflow Blender with Mass Flow confirms bulk density.  

Top of the mark for producers looking to pay down land debt by using crop nutrients more effectively.

                                        Exactrix...Power Supplies Now Serviceable complete with Voltage readout...

No longer using the Mid-Tech Power supply...on the new production 2013 systems.

The new Exactrix design of providing 24 volt power is serviceable and has 24 volt readout...24 volts is required to drive the coils in the Mass Meters as you know.

The Exactrix Power Supply with Readout.....has 3.5 times the power rating (amps) of the previous power supply.

The power supply harness and connections are improved...they are Gold Pin connections.

Developed for the new ISO systems...and Can Systems...running 2 and 3 Exactrix Mass Flow Systems.

Now standard on all GS-3 and Trimble FMX 1000 systems.   



TAPPS and TAPPKTS with Hydra Hume Goes To The Next Level Of Performance.

Tri-Ammonium Poly Phosphate Sulfate

Stabilized nitrogen, triple super ammoniated phosphate with a sulfur source.
A polymer, crystallized, homogeneous nutrient manufactured with Exactrix process management. Outstanding performance of N,P and S.

The most available form of commercial plant nutrients. Stabilized nutrients, triple ammoniated.

An above ground test at the initial startup was used to confirm that the 2KC and 2KP systems were operational.

The 2KC NH3 system was bled, chilled and filled following NH3 safety protocol.

The 2KP APP/ATS delivered the material in a high quality stream flow. Triple super ammonization assured the crystal material with inter-mixing.

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Triplex. Streaming flow
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