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Joel McClure, Hugoton, KS  


Exactrix 2KM TAPPS Formulator

P-51 Mustang High Speed Banding


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Falling Fertilizer Prices.
Potash and Phosphate pricing dropping at 30% off market high.
Anti-Trust hearings for Potash Corporation.
NH3 pricing may be lower by the spring depending on the next few weeks.

At any price commercial fertilizer is too expensive.  Every producer strives to find the right combination of cost of nutrients for his farm.

Most producers desire lower risk approaches with commercial fertilizer.  Low 1% CV of application assures much higher crop availability with Exactrix.
Thus Exactrix offers VRT capabilities with Deere or Mid-Tech ISO-Bus in up to 10 management zones.

The Exactrix ISO-Bus systems are available in 2, 3 and 4 product designs.

When it does not rain, the chances of making a profit can be greatly improved (or by minimizing the loss) by following a conservative tone with nutrients.

Conservatism in fertilizer application is well understood by western producers and this is why high quality fertilizers such as Ammonium Poly Phosphate (APP) are used in dry land production.

Highest levels of fertilizer efficiency must be utilized on large acreage farms, Irrigated or dry land.

Dry fertilizer application is not near as efficient unless it also is fluidized.  But even after fluidization the lower quality  phosphate or potash materials will not be as powerful and crop available as fluid polymer fertilizers and the unique TAPPS crystallization from Exactrix.  Go to

Lowering risk is accomplished by using highly crop available fertilizer such as TAPPS and TAPPKTS....

Ammoniated Micro Nutrients work better when they are applied as a liquid or made up in a homogenous blend with APP/ATS/KTS.

In irrigated corn production the fertilizer bill is easily cut in half with Exactrix TAPPS and TAPPKTS using Ammoniated Zinc.

Exactrix NH3 liquid injection equipment is well known to stabilize the N to make NH3 166% more crop available with the Weigh Master System.

Now producers can make 10-34-0 and 12-0-0-26S even more crop available by utilizing the Weigh Master, Bulk Density capability of the model 2KM. go to

The APP/ATS and KTS Exactrix metering improvements with Micro Motion Mass flow will bring at least 5% higher efficiency saving at least $3.00 per acre.  Triple super ammoniating the materials assures 200% more crop availability of P and K.

Rotational Band Loading (RBL) following the path of No-till and in some cases Strip-Till. The new P-51C Mustang openers assure RBL is implemented by exercising the true deep banding 6 in vertical bands. 

You can study advanced technologies for nutrients at You Tube. Go to


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