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Re-processed anhydrous ammonia makes $60 per acre more net income.

2KC, Series 3, Weigh Master with Laminar Flow.  Re-processor of  low cost anhydrous ammonia. 

Re-processed anhydrous ammonia injected into the soil produces $60/A to $70/A more net income.  Rick Engelmeyer found out after 12 years of Exactrix experience. The payback is fast.

Exactrix re-processed high pressure 220 psi liquid injection of NH3 moves more money to the bottom line.  The Exactrix liquid flow at 1% CV in all temperature and flow ranges assures higher crop available nitrogen.

Economics have changed due to a glut of grain.  Most producers find their Exactrix 2KC re-processor is critical to maintain a very competitive path to profitability when corn is priced low in relation to fertilizer inputs such as NH3.

At Beemer, Nebraska, Rick Engelmeyer has 5,000 cows feeding on his corn crop.  The feedlot provides manure and phosphate and OM for his minimum tillage system of raising corn. The approach that he has chosen for the 2015 crop is the same as he done for 12 years with his first Exactrix high pressure NH3 system purchased in March of 2002.


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Rick has chosen key components for another 12 years of service and growth. The Key components are qty. 20, Exactrix P-51C openers on 30 inch centers, Exactrix 2KC Series 3 Weigh Master, A 50 foot, Case 940, 5 section flex and fold tool bar, Twin tank NH3 trailers with Exactrix 2 inch bottom outlet valves for application at cold freezing temperatures.



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