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The Top of Kansas at 4,000 feet,
 Corn, Wheat, Cotton, Milo, Canola, Soy Beans in Kansas Conditions. 
The Top of Kansas at 4,000 feet, Mt. Sunflower is almost visible. 
Take away risk in Kansas conditions.


 About 600 acres were side dressed.

    It was so dry that some fields of corn and Milo were not fertilized in May prior to planting.
May 10 that changed....

A key moment in time with 15 inches of stored soil moisture in No-till over a 70 day period. 

I would estimate that 100 more bushels per acre are possible.

Band deep, run fast on ,45 feet in Corn and Milo at Brewster,KS and Goodland, KS.

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    Video 2

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    Video 5


The no till Milo field was yellow along with the corn

Green Snap above the ear in adjoining plot.

Fertilizer Rate 150 lb N as Exactrix NH3 with 6 gallons KTS and ..... banded deep at 8 inches with P51 Mustangs/940 50 feet and is TAKTS plus Zinc applied this Spring. Fall was too dry. On Soybeans.

I remember seeing Gaines Soft White Wheat, Semi Dwarf, Dr. Vogel. Double in yields and greater, circa1962, A major shift in land Values. A felt like a time traveler when I saw shorty corn leaves and stalks. 60 years later. Our food supply is in the hands of some pretty powerful people. The next thing is the next thing.  Let's hope 24 inch Corn Rows is the next thing. 2026 is the release date.

Beemer Nebraska

A whole new ball game



Are you looking for a hedge in that big bet you made in 2023. Let’s start thinking efficiency and top yields for the next 10 to 20 years. A mortgage lifter is on the job.  


Immediately Crop Available TAPPS and TAPPKTS plus Zinc drives cost low to .466 lbs. N per bushel produced pre acre in Corn as preplant applied…


In this video you may easily realize an efficiency of .333 to .375 pounds of N per bushel produced.  


For sure 1/3 pound of N per bushel produced is achievable long term with No-tillage, Rotational Band Loading, and  KTS with Exactrix TAPPS at 1% CV.


Debt disappears fast with Exactrix Mustang Tool Bars. Super low per acre operational costs at $1.00 per acre for wear parts.   


You can review the Sederstrom Exactrix Mustang, 45-foot side dress tool bar. The machine is at the top of the line from Exactrix Global Systems.


Greg and Blaine Sederstrom operating their 4th tool bar from Exactrix over a 15-year period.


The neighbors buy the used bars. What a good deal to make inroads on the fertilizer bill with top yields.


Blaine and Greg have a three-year-old P-51 CE Mustang and is shown in these two videos. Mustang Tool Bars are one solution to top yields at lowest nutrient cost in No-till.


Technology at work is our discussion today. Operating at the Top of Kansas…At 4,000 feet elevation on the Great Plains in a soil pH to 8.5 to 7.5.


The producers have deep Loess Soils at Goodland, KS…The producers, father and son,  discovered moisture was filled to the top of profile by probing to 6 feet and following 12 inches of rain in a 60 day period.


For sure the distribution of moisture is even and uniform….Following 12 inches of additional stored moisture in No-till farming.  Uniformity is the key word.


This field has maximum yield potential.


Exactrix Mass Flow, Micro Motion, Commercial Rating for application within .0020+- or 20 lbs. in 10,000 applied.

Producers need to escort the billing with a data base of information from Mass Flow, Exactrix style.

Ideal for landlords that want to pay part of the fertilizer bill at low application rates.


The potential to hit maximum yield in Milo production dryland is about 180 to 200 bushels per acre.


Exactrix TAPPS Formulation at 1% CV at 300 psi provides highest crop availability as discussed in these two videos included,


Milo performs best under No-Tillage as discovered by Kyle Cott at Clay Center, KS and Paul Jasa at University of Nebraska and Rogers Farm.

In fact, KTS is often used in Milo production at 2 to 3 gallons per acre to make TAPPKTS plus Zinc.  


Mustang Tool bars operating in No-till at 8 to 8.88 mph.


At Goodland, KS, Greg Sederstrom and Blaine Sederstrom.


Your comments appreciated.


1.   Blaine Sederstrom talks about his tool bar.


2.     Guy Swanson updates you on Milo and top yields with an extra 12 inches of moisture in
                                                           No-tillage farming.


3.    Let’s talk about 2024 on the Great Plains and making top yields with $150 to $250 per acre
                                                           more net income.

Mustang TAPPS Formulator at 1% CV, 2020 Model, 4530, Back bar allows each swiveling Mustang opener to respond to the tractor GPS control, Straight as an arrow.

Straight pulling in side dress scenarios and ready to go right back to preplant.



Side Dressing is a dream for application of 300 psi Exactrix NH3 systems electronic ball valves. Zip Valves save NH3 and avoid leaf burn at the field lands.




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