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February 13th and 14th, 2020
Hugoton, KS.
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Producers Get Top Yields with Custom Application.
 Producing up $150 per acre more net income in No-till.
The entire investment is often paid back in one crop.


How can there be any advantages to separating seeding from banding of crop nutrients? 

How come you say no starter seed row fertilizer required….that is $20 per acre back in my check book? 

What is Binary Banding for Corn, Milo, Soybean, Cotton and Row Crop Winter Wheat, Winter Canola even Triticale? 

Feel the Cloth, Test the Water, Look before you Leap, Get on the Front Burner...Exactrix custom is the program for you. 

What producers say, “It costs a lot of money to go with Exactrix custom demonstration….but now I know this is the product for me and my expansion plan.” 

Get off the fence….and get up on the edge with the top 5% of the producer profile to achieve $60 dryland and $150 per acre irrigated net returns.  

Pay for the entire unit investment with one crop year with true No-tillage. Sometimes,  including the tractor for big operators on the Great Plains.


A Nebraska corn producer would say you are nuts if you try to plant and band crop nutrients simultaneously with the same machine.  
Here is what, Texas, North Dakota, Washington State,  Nebraska and Kansas producers report.

Irrigated and dryland Kansas producer. “You cannot get top yields in Corn, Wheat, Milo, Sougham/Sudan, and Triticale unless you band with Exactrix”. “My new Deere planter is 80 feet wide. My next one will be wider yet.  There is no way you can make the economic grade and be timely”.  “In fact we are selling our Deere Exactrix equipped strip-till tool bar and going No-till totally Exactrix Mustang on 12,000 acres plus double crop. It has been a pleasure to work with Exactrix and the advance technology it brings. A mortgage lifter for sure.”


Full Irrigation, No-tillage Nebraska Producer, “I am trying to get the seed row fertilizer equipment off my planter. Planting is too important to include starter and especially when it hurts yield in center pivot production with TAPPKTS compared”  “Plus the fertilizer industry could not meet the fertilizer need of single pass corn planters. In fact larger producers need to take control of the nutrient availability with storage for timely application, 24/7.”


  4       5

Full Irrigation, Tillage and No-till Nebraska Producer, “Highest yields cannot be achieved in irrigated corn production (300 bushels per acre) corn on corn, unless the operations of banding and planting are separated.

  6    7


Dryland, Corn, Wheat, Soybeans, North Dakota Producer, “The application of corn and wheat crop nutrients can now be stretched out over the year with the development of Exactrix TAPPKTS and single disc openers.”  “I can now fertilize Soybeans, Black Turtle Beans finally with VRT/Site Specific. Exactrix really works well in our anchor crop, Sugar Beet.  Thank you Exactrix for pioneering the SDX.”



A very big No-tillage producer in north of Abilene, Texas going No-tillIt is the weather, It is the workload, It is the grain yield and stocker gain, It is my staff that must handle way too many systems at once.”  This is what I am most concerned about.”  “My new and plural, 60 foot John Deere 1890 No-tillage Air Seeder System for Winter Wheat will seed 20,000 acres fast with only seed will be in the 500 bushel air cart.”

  11      12


A Former Fertilizer Dealer, Grassland, Row Crop and Broad acre, In the Heart of Texas. “Nutrients must be separated from the single pass drill. I own a Deere 1890 with seeding only capability for winter wheat.  We will band TAPPKTS for Cotton at high speed and we will be ready with our new precision Case planter for 14 days of great timing of planting and or seeding. Banding TAPPKTS around the year allows less nutrient and always much more yield. I like Exactrix TAPPKTS and I started my career as a fertilizer dealer” 


14                               15
Exactrix 2KM Mass Flow                     Exactrix TAPPS Formulator, Exactrix 2KC Series 3, Weigh Master.

  16   17

Hay maker, TAPPKTS banded during dormancy at optimized rates 10 gallons NH3, 5 gallons APP, and 5 gallons KTS with micros,  for dryland Coastal Bermuda Grass.  The tool bar operates every month of year in the Heart of Texas with 8 different crops.

  18    19

A more balance bottom line with positive cash flows every day of the month with 8 different crops. Exactrix Mustang operates 12 months out of the year at Hugoton, KS.

In Kansas Conditions operating planters in the hot summer months producing top yield potential. Exception winter survival of Winter Canola with TAPPKTS techniques from Exactrix.

Seed Row Saturation,  SRS makes Winter Canola possible with a great start.  Seed row fertilizer is dropped in favor of SRS and Biological materials in row with Exactrix Binary Banding.

TAPPKTS deep banding to 7 to 8 inches assures highest possible nutrient uptake at much reduced rates.

Today you can use the Exactrix geometrics of single pass moved up a notch with Exactrix Tool Bars and GPS guidance into two passes.  

Exactrix No-tillage owners are Indexing directly on top of bands of TAPPKTS plus micros.  Seed row fertilizer is historical. This makes SRS possible with biological materials in row.  Yields jump again about 8% with Binary Banding.  A 180 second video of Exactrix TAPPKS on the Great Plains in Binary Banding.  Here is high water mark in Nebraska seeking nutrient efficiency and beating back compaction.  

Exactrix No-tillage Mustang tool bars operate 12 months out the year moving across the Great Plains and the Pacific Northwest.  

Get serious about banding TAPPKTS crop nutrients with 26.5 inch Mustang CUE openers. Take a bonus of $60 to $150 per acre to your bottom line.  

Exactrix TAPPKTS crops simply yield higher in combination with timely moisture.  

Park the 18 inch and 20 inch Mid-row banders that are shallow banding tools built for the younger Canadian glacial till soils. These soils cannot store soil moisture over the winter and have shallow are poor no soil depth.

Volcanic and loess deep soils developed over 50,000 generations are found in the more temperate production areas. These soils are much deeper and were not glaciated.

 The MRB from Deere, Bourgault and others is a big compromise in western non-glaciated soil conditions.

Banding with fixed angle openers at 3.5 inches is a big compromise when placed P Mid-Row is stranded and cannot be accessed by the growing crop.  Thus Yielder® Paired Row with no starter fertilizer must be used with NPKS bands at 5 inch depth and tw0 seed rows 2.5 inch to the side of the deep band in 5/15 and 5/10 configuration.

There is only one commercial drill that works well in single pass and now it is no longer used due to a better choice of separating the banding operation from the seeding operation. The machinery gets wider and better when banding is removed from the drill.

Missouri and West…The western loess soils allow TAPPKTS bands to be located deeper (7 to 9 inches). Exactrix®, Mustang and Yielder® technology is effectively able to produce top yields in deep band placement west of the Missouri.  

Plus Rotational Band Loading from Exactrix is very effective and allows even a skip year every 5 years. True, No primary fertilizer is required every 5 th year when TAPPS bands are stored in the soil at 7 to 9 inch depths in Southwestern Kansas conditions.

Go West, Go Fast, Go No-till,  and Go Deep in Loess soils west of the Missouri and the PNW.


What is a MRB or Mid Row Bander? 
Raise up the Mid-Row Bander on 15 and 20 inch spacing when fall banding with Deere and Bourgault openers.  

These are light duty, fixed angle type banders that are not operational in tough fall conditions.  These openers leave the soil rough with lots of soil movement.

This mid row banding approach is most likely a difficult sell for No-tillage farmers across the Great Plains where moisture conservation is critical.  

We have included a very informative video.

The Mid Row Banders delay the seeding process. Seeding must be timely. Banding is always better into moist soil at 7 to 9 inch depths either pre-plant or post plant side dress.

No-tillage producers also discover that the spring planting is greatly improved with fall banding, less compaction from heavy machinery, less time spent filling and soil conditions are right for seeding early and fast.

Timing is a good business decision with Exactrix TAPPKTS.  The workload and chemistry of TAPPKTS allows nutrients to be summer and fall banded for No-tillage spring crops. Seed the crop fast in the spring with compaction potential…raise better crops with fall banding of nutrients deep in the soil.

Exceptional results are for those that wait in No-till with pre-plant banding. The 1% CV of application is soil stable as designed by Exactrix TAPPS and TAPPKTS with Thio-sul® and KTS®.

Nutrients are always less expensive in the summer and fall.

Exactrix owners take the full advantage of low cost nutrients such is NH3 which is preferred by the crop as NH4 combined with 10-34-0 APP and 0-0-25-17S KTS®, 12-0-0-26S Thio-sul® and micros Zn, Mn, Cu, Fe.  Nutrients applied No-till deep in the soil provides the pathway to exceptional economics with returns up to $150 more net per acre.

Don’t let the fertilizer dealer push around your No-tillage yield goals. Get in charge with your own application system. Park the Ag Chem floater and the kerosene burning airplane salvage operations.  

Exactrix high speed banding or primary nutrients stays on target. TAPPKTS and TAPPS gets to crop roots much faster. Highest efficiency never comes from surface application of 32-0-0. Normally it takes 250 lbs. to 350 lbs. of N with a pivot or surface application of 32-0-0 to hit 300 bushels per acre.

Exactrix® applications hit top yields in the 300 bushel per acre range with 125 lbs. N to 150 lbs. of N as NH3 plus 6 lbs. to 12 lbs. N from Ammonium in 10-34-0.

TKI developed KTS® with Exactrix® discovery and support. KTS®, 0-0-25-17S, is up to 500% more crop effective than KCL when it is formulated with 10-34-0 and NH3. Thio-sul® 12-0-0-26S stabilizes the nutrient package.

  21      22

Get the crop seeded. Separate the fertilizer banding from the seeding operation to move the yield potential needle.  

Exactrix owners, Exactrix staff have seen it happen every time….the producer has more margin, less risk and finally a chance to really compete in tough conditions.  

Use the Exactrix® 2KR for blending fluid products, Micros, Ferilene®, DCD, KTS and Fulvic acid.  The third product, 2KR Blender formulates ideal products for variable soils. Another power play for     

Use the best technology from 10 to 15 inch centers of TAPPKS.

23 24
55 second video 47 second video
Replaceable Chrome Bit, Six Shooter Vacuum Formulation of TAPPKTS is made below the ground line starting at 2 to 3 inches and mixing to a 7 to 8 inch depth in vertical band.



With VRT-Site specific and the 2KP third product injection overcomes Iron Chlorosis of Soybean, Milo and Corn. A Site specific or pocket application of Third Product, seed row zone injection of Ferrilene has powerful economics on 20 million acres. Typically this exclusive Exactrix technique reduces Iron Chlorosis cost from $60 per acre across the entire field to $5 per acre on average.  Using high yielding soybean seed the yield function goes from zero bushels per acre on 20% of the land to 100% of the yield on all acres on 100% or the land using NH3, APP, KTS and Metals plus 3rd product Ferrilene® with Binary Banding.

Soybeans can now be raised on another 20 million acres on the metals deficient soils of the Great Plains.  


Never before achieved in No-till.  

Exactrix is Highly recommended by established career scientists, Banding Deep is critical to top yields. 

Producers can apply Exactrix TAPPS and TAPPKTS to double the typical top soil depths of No-till drills equipped with MRB and shank type openers…Custom application allows for fast deep banding in No-till systems.  

Go Deep, Go fast. Get TAPPS and TAPPKTS vermiculated bands at 1%CV on 12 inch centers.  

Outstanding results long term in Rotational Band Loading.  

Recover depleted soils on eroded slopes with deep placed Exactrix NPKS and micros.  

You can get gravity manipulation on your side of fence. Climb slopes on the AB line and hold the mark. Avoid the contour and run across the VRT zones with 1 to 3 second responses in the Management Zone.  

High injection pressures to 350 psi using Exactrix Mass Flow pioneered on rolling slopes 20 years ago at no more than 1% variance on compound angle slopes to 65%.  

News of the day. Ben Cory has a custom program…this will help your fall opener penetration problems in No-till. It is now possible to get nutrients deeper and much more crop effective in No-till using exact timing of the nutrients.  

Exactrix technology is available for producers covering large acreage in the PNW and the Great Plains.


Banding Winter Wheat in Kansas conditions at Abilene.

The Exactrix Mustang Tool Bar is designed for fertilization on 12 inch centers in all commodity No-till crops, banding into the crop side dress with 26.5 x 1/2 elliptical blades in extreme double edge, Post-seeding or Pre-Plant.  

Pick your program rental or custom program….rated 20,000 acres per year on the Great Plains.  

Banding up to 9 inches deep placing TAPPKTS with micros, Operating at high speeds in No-till and tillage systems. 

A June tool for Chemfallow, or wait till September and band into the seeded crop,  side dress in the late fall.  Spring banding in growing winter wheat in February before dormancy break on the Great Plains.  

A July and August tool for Winter Canola pre plant and side dress banding in November. 

Ideal for depleted clay hilltops placing TAPPS and TAPPKTS much deeper than No-till drills can achieve. 

Two tractor choices available. Wheels or tracks.


Tractors, Drills, Sprayers and Exactrix Mustang Tool Bars now hill climb in the PNW due to No-tillage year after year using Canola, Garbanzo Bean and Winter and Spring Wheat in Rotation. ….no more contouring except for the combine.

The  highest levels of nutrient efficiency in VRT application is achieved protecting game Fish. Primordial Steelhead and Salmon are 1,400 feet below and five miles away following the drainage of this divide into the Clearwater River.


The Idaho Clearwater River is Lewis and Clark’s life giving and famous river that saved their lives in 1805 with the help of Nez Perce and a formidable diet of Salmon and Steelhead. 

Generation after generation will have the thrill of Salmon and Steelhead migration by keeping all the chemical fertilizer and soil in the right place at the right time with No-tillage.


Let the No-till placement machinery roll and keep the spring water clean in the Clearwater drainage.….the power of No-till is the salvation of downstream with the Snake and The Columbia River Dams fishery all the way to Astoria and Columbia Bar.



No-Till Farmers help to keep Steelhead and Salmon coming up the Snake and the Clearwater. The Exactrix Mustang application machinery must be climbing straight and up at 35% and go down steep 65% slopes in a No-tillage system which means less fertilizer is applied or wasted.

Plus the Exactrix 300 psi system can respond to slope angles compounded to 65%. Born and Bred for the steepest agricultural land in the world in commodity crop production.

This is a powerful economic system saving millions of dollars over a producer career. 

It takes lots of horsepower to handle the load. This is an Ideal system for No-till farmers that want to band TAPPKTS plus micros into growing crops in the late fall.  No yield compromise and in fact yields jump higher, up to 125% higher.



May 2019 at Palouse Falls.

One of the most polluted rivers in the nation dumping into the Snake River. This is the innovative homeland of No-tillage farming.  

A boiling froth of Nitrate and Phosphate and associated chemicals in Whitman County, Washington with phosphate up and at 200 ppm.

No fish can survive in this river, let alone a human. The last place to go fishing in pristine settings. 

Custom application is designed for No-tillage farmers.  Climbing steep slopes requires years of No-tillage rotation soil development and root mass.


The most durable single disc opener offered in the last 50 years, Mustang P-51CUE.  

The Service point is 12,000 acres at 36 feet in three section before blade replacement at 12 inch band centers.  

Low operational cost per acre at $1.25  for opener wear parts on 12 inch centers.    

Fewest moving parts of any No-tillage opener design. Yielder® Manganese Steel provides a long life.  

Full yield potential in Chemfallow and growing No-till Crops by banding TAPPKTS much deeper.  

Long term the best method to produce top efficiency at 1%CV of application avoiding stratification of nutrients.    

How can $150 more net income per acre be true?  

No seed row fertilizer required on the No-till drill, no spring top dressing required, Take the $60 to $150 per acre bonus.  

A Drought Stress Tolerant  plant root system design with vermiculated TAPPKTS keeps water moving into the plant. 

The bands are stabilized for present and future crops. Time proven Rotational Band Loading at much deeper depths in the top soil profile.  Reduced liming costs for sure and TAPPS keeps phosphate working in acid soils.

In high pH soils TAPPS and TAPPKTS keeps the calcium away from the Phosphate and allows Potassium to work up to 500% better than top dressing. In high variable pH soils the difference is really dramatic from low pH to high pH.  

The deep banded Exactrix Nitrogen is 166% more crop effective. The crystallized P is 200% more crop effective and K is up to 500% more effective as compared to KCL.  

The bands include Thio-sul®, KTS® and DCD for stabilization with fine products from Tessenderlo Kerley. Fulvic Acid and micros are commonly included in 3 product delivery to cover the bet on eroded soils.  

Available in 5 section at 45 feet to 52 feet in TC design Positive down pressure.  

Three products delivered. Long Term allows for Rotational Band Loading and highest yields attainable in Chemical Fallow.  

Exactrix Series 3, 2KC Weigh Master and 2KM Weigh Master are not slope sensitive. All materials are weighed as they are applied.


Hill Climber with finesse of a soccer player and the power of a NFL linebacker. 

Custom Application requires 1,000 acres minimum for No-till farmers on the Great Plains and the Pacific Northwest.

This is a soil stored, water recovery system. In VRT Site Specific Application, highest yields produced based on No-tillage stored soil moisture and efficiency.  Yields go way up when nutrients target only the growing root system.

The Exactrix crystalline TAPPS and TAPPKTS system jumps yields on eroded soils by utilizing all the stored soil moisture.      

This is a Non-Erosive System that overcomes gravity and allows moisture to go into the ground where it falls,

The multiple crop, Root Structure provides the rain and snow connector and conduit to the nutrient TAPPKTS reactor deep, much deeper at 7 to 9 inch depths.

No top dressing of solution 32-0-0 or dry fertilizer is recommended in Idaho No-tillage systems.  No airplanes flying on fertilizer, No top dress dry Ag Chem Floaters blowing on dry fertilizer are ever used when farms face up to the business opportunity.

Straight up and down steep slopes with vermiculated band depths to 9 inches.  Unique single edge blades built from Yielder Manganese steel.

Contract Operator Ben Cory for custom banding. 

What is better than a cover crop?

Idaho, is Shoshone country reaching from Billings, Montana to Spokane Washington.

  • Lewis and Clark’s Expedition of Discovery, Missouri River guide was Sacajawea. She was Shoshone and met her brother at the Lemhi Pass, close to Dillion, Montana and the Big Hole in 1805. A serendipitous event for brother and sister and no idea of the luck of the draw.
  •  For Lewis and Clark, The mountains of current Idaho changed fast at Lemhi Pass and continental divide. John Colter took over scouting and leadership and found a better passage. ”The River of No Return” The Salmon River passage was not going to work. Colter found the way over Lost Trail Pass and then to Lo Lo pass to get through the terrible mountains. “The Bitterroot Range of Idaho and Montana. Death was upon them as they were rescued by the Nez Perce at Spalding (Lapwai) Idaho.  They wasted a lot of time with bad information from the Shoshone most likely.
  • If you leave Walla Walla, Washington and go east to Pocatello, Idaho and on to the Wind River Range and Lander, Wyoming you are in Idaho and you will need an airplane.
  • Today this aerial only vector is roadless back country of the Frank Church Wilderness and the River of No Return, The Salmon River.
  • You must cross Idaho twice to go to Salt Lake City from Spokane. Mainly because of the wilderness that cannot be crossed.
  • Idaho has tremendous gold deposits but it is economically impossible to mine it unless delivered as a placer deposit by river flooding.
  • Idaho is….An Indian Guidance Term.
  • Mountain Men of the 1806 to1840 period discovered that Idaho had the best rivers and streams for Beaver.
  • Geographic Locations of Idaho for good fur trapping are “Jackson Hole,” “The Big Hole”, Ross’ Hole and “ Fort Hall Bottoms”
  • Fort Hall Bottoms is a lower elevation (4,384 feet) flood plain of the Snake river at Fort Hall, Idaho and the famous Rendezvous of the trapping era.
  • The Grand Tetons is French for Beautiful Breasts indicating a fur trappers view of beauty and reproduction.
  • Big names from this Mountain Man era, John Colter, James Beckwourth, Joseph Walker, Kit Carson,  Hugh Glass, Jim Bridger, Joe Meek,  Sublette Brothers, Jedediah Strong Smith ran trap lines in Idaho.
  • These locations were high mountain valleys of 6,000 feet surround by mountain ranges to 13,500 feet.
  • An area of short growing season and thus only valued for fur and fishing and not for farming. 
  • “A Hole” is a term for a mountain valley and also normally associated with the continental divide and drainage to the Pacific Ocean along the Snake.
  • In Idaho country, Glacier Park, the continental divide splits water three ways to Hudson’s Bay, The Gulf of Mexico at New Orleans, LA and the Pacific Ocean at Portland, OR.

“You are in Idaho when the sun rises and sets over the mountains.”


Winter Canola is the wonder crop for the Great Plains and the Pacific Northwest.

Only 15 miles from here is the navigable Snake River with really good fishing.
Farmers here conserve water and soil with No-tillage techniques.
The lowest point in Idaho is 785 feet at Lewiston, Idaho with 4,200 feet of elevation change.
The elevation at this Genesee location is 2,800 feet to 5,000 feet at the top of Moscow mountain on the horizon.
Quick changes in elevation make for big game like Elk, Moose and Grizzly Bear in Idaho country.
In this case Winter Canola is the bright yellow, or sun-like floral bloom under the mountains of Idaho.
An economic wonder at the U of I test plot at Genesee, Idaho, May. 11, 2018. 

Your Great Plains Reporter.  

   Guy J Swanson 

John Cory
Security West Financial

Call your new banker, John Cory, Security West Financial.   (509) 994-8555 You can go off the balance sheet and work with the best using the strength of Farm Credit and others.

John will help you spend about $40,000 annually to make $150,000 more annually by spending only $60 per acre in irrigated production for fertilizer. John understands the cycles of agriculture and how to keep your balance sheet looking good.

At the end of five years you will own a powerful machine that continue to produce good returns having already been paid for at the end of the first year.  You can even apply for your neighbors with a Mustang Tool Bar.

At 1,000 acres of corn, An internal bottom line savings of $750,000 over five years on 5,000 acres of corn.  

An Exactrix Mustang Tool Bar capable of producing $550,000 of internally available funds in five years.   

  See Video 

Top yields, best margin and the new leader in VRT-Site Specific, Small Grains Expert. Eric Odberg at Genesee, Idaho breaking winter wheat yield records. Exactrix TAPPS at Catholic Canyon using 4 management zones. Exactrix Site-Specific, Variable Rate

"Paul Gangwish, Drone Video"
Track Machines improve production 200%.
Application time cut in half at 1 acre per minute.
Up to $150 more net income per acre.

The 2017 Agronomy Review.

Meeting your formulation needs.  

Picking your metering systems.  

Need more information on advanced crop production.


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