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The Foltz family averaged 178 bushels per acre on 1850 acres of corn using the Exactrix 2KD system.  The 160 acres of plots using four different NH3 rates yielded the same 187 bushels per acre....It made no difference whether 100 lbs. of N per acre or up to 250 lbs. of N per acre was applied......the yield was same.
Producers can reduce applied NH3 at least 30% and take a 10% yield increase.....Because the Foltz's Exactrix 2KD "Weigh Master" still applied at least 10% more useable and plant available Nitrogen..... even at the lowest rate.... due to the low Exactrix Coefficient of Variation or port to port accuracy. 
The net returns are normally between $30 and $40 more per acre.  That is a lot of money on 1850 acres of corn.  Somewhere between $60,000 to $80,000 annually.  Exactrix systems normally pay for themselves in the first 500 acres of corn production.
Jason Foltz states,  "It sure looks like the Exactrix system pays big returns and we plan to cut our Nitrogen rate to 150 lbs. N per acre from 200 lbs. N per acre this next year.   We may go even lower in the 3rd. year following more plot work.  We are very pleased with the yields and we will continue to expect top yields in the 200 plus bushel range here..... in Shelbyville, Indiana".
Guy Swanson agrees and furthermore, "This is not bad news for fertilizer dealers,  Their producer customer becomes more profitable and now the producers can budget for more phosphate and potash.  Remember phosphate is always underapplied. It will take less lime with less NH3 being applied. Society also benefits since we will have less nitrate in the drinking water".  "Everybody comes out a winner."


Bob and Jason Foltz purchased a 2KD 'Weigh Master" in the spring of 2001.
They requested that the Coop buy four 2OOO gallon tanks and trailers with bottom outlet valves.

They applied in freezing weather with a DMI 37 foot bar using mole knives. Pressure reducing NH3 applicators were parked as they applied NH3 with their Cat Challenger 65 at 8 mph.

Pioneer Hi-bred agronomists and Successful Farming teamed up with the Foltz Family to produce 160 acres of nitrogen application plots.

NH3 Plot Test Manilla 160 Acres
All end rows were applied at 200 lbs no N-serve
Eureka!!!  No Surprise here...... All rates of N from 250 lbs. N to 100 lbs. N produced the same yield.
Exactrix direct injection NH3 will  keep paying year after year.

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