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News of the Great Plains....May 23, 08....

Chris Winderlin, Scott City, Kansas has set up his second high speed tool bar at 40 feet and 32 openers.

The Exactrix Tool Bar has been nominated for the Top Award from Exactrix in 2008.

The Moore Built Bar with Bourgault MRB-24 openers operate on 15 inch band centers at speed to 8 mph.

Higher speeds to 10 mph are achievable based on field conditions and supply of material.

The three point mounted tool bar....is operated in no-till pre-plant application and can also side dress corn and winter wheat.

Chris operates the high speed single disc tool bar with twin 1,000 gallon NH3 tanks on 120 inch gauge centers.

The tractor carries the APP and ATS...at 400 gallons per side.

This is Chris Winderlin's 5 th season with Exactrix attaining good yields at a 40% to 50% reduction in N cost and much higher performance of placed Phosphate and Sulfate.

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    Chris Winderlin Wins Award
Scott City KS


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