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Delta P High Pressure Adapters

Exactrix Manifold Adapters are used to convert the metering function to high pressure application using the direct injection NH3 Exactrix high pressure injection system.
Terminal injection orifices are selected from the Exactrix System.
3/16" line adapters use 3/16" TIO's sized between .025" to .040".
1/4" line adapters us 1/4" TIO's sized between .028" to .070".
3/8: line adapters are reduced to 1/4" line at the opener and use 1/4" line TIO's sized between .028" to .122".
The TIO's are clamped to the black nylon line either a cpmpression clamp or a compression ring.
Exactric TIO's are manufactured from 303 stainless steel and within 1% of diameter requested. Testing indicates CV of less than 0.85%. The adapter threads are class 2A, 5/16", of 32uf or better. The material is 303 stainless steel. A metal crush seal is included at the adapter inlet.
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Delta P Manifold High Pressure Adapters
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