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 Exactrix Injector Wing
Deere Group 4.25


Group 4.25, Exactrix Wing Injection. Replaces Group 4.2. 

Deere 1890, 1590, 1690, 1990, 1895 No-till Single Disc Drills. 

Three improvements added after June, 2006
Adaptable to Group 4.2 and can be added at any time to field seeding units. 

Improvement 1.  Three position mount. 

Improvement 2.  Plasma Tungsten Carbide applied to advanced wear area. 

Improvement 3. Line protection added to the full length of the injection line with TIO adapter insert allowing ¼” or 3/16” injection lines. 

Three position mount discussed. 

Wing Low position.
Utilized for nurse crop seeding and tillage systems. 

Wing High position
Utilized in No-till seedings.
Considered optimum mounting for most seeding conditions. 

Wing Tilt position….added June, 2006.
Wing high position with injection angle tilted 30 degrees.
Allows the chrome insert to run parallel with the seed boot release.
Considered optimum for sandy soils and glacial till soils. 


Tungsten Carbide Discussed. 

A unique plasma application of tungsten carbide to the TIO critical wear area . 

Estimates of wear life increase vary from 2 to 5 times depending on mounting position of the Exactrix Wing Injector. 

At the end of service the Exactrix Wing Injector can be rebuilt with Tungsten Carbide. 

Ideal for sandy soils and extreme service life. 

Additional EVA Protection added. 

A Gray protection sleeve of EVA is included at opener assembly. The wear sleeve reduces external line wear in sandy soil types. 

The TIO holder is set up for ¼” injection lines…An adapter insert is added to the TIO holder when 3/16” lines are in service. 

The Group 4.25 Extreme Service option can ordered from Exactrix and can be added to Group 4.2. 

The option includes all the above features. 

The option allows high speed 10 mph seeding in difficult soils. 

Wear life is extended. However, Each soil type will vary the length of the extended wear life. 

To our knowledge this is the lowest No-tillage banding cost for NH3 achievable….banding costs for wear parts should not exceed 28 cents per acre.  Reduced horsepower and fuel savings also results.



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