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                MANIFOLD TESTING.. Beatrice, Nebraska

Exactrix and Dempster staff carried out port to port accuracy testing at Beatrice, Nebraska, August
4-13, 99. An on going testing program utilizing NH3 has been carried out since March of 99. The on going test agenda includes a review of various tank excess flow valves, line lengths, pump elevation, breakaway couplers, pump porting, pump valves, supercooler efficiencies and losses, transfer pumps, filters, consolidator and precision condensers. 

Testing confirms several previously unknown facts about how to deliver NH3 as a liquid to the terminal injection point from the supply tank. Many of these facts are being included into the Exactrix Installation, Parts, and Service Guide. The Guide is included with each Exactrix System. Corken and Squibb-Taylor also contributed to the testing program. 

Tests were implemented at various flow ranges from 3 gallons per minute to the maximum 40 gallons per minute. Injection pressures were elevated from 75% of vapor pressure to 300% of vapor pressure. Optimum boost pressures were tested. Exactrix manifolds were also angled at 20% to determine slope interaction with metering


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