Dual Stage Manifold                48 Port

At the system startup NH3 is kept in a liquid state at slow creeper speeds or at very low rates by directing the (5) metered flow from the pump through the (1) small primary ports (.020). The first stage assures a balanced, liquid flow through the 48 port divisions. The metered NH3 is then directed to the larger, 48 range orifices and the 48 terminal expansion orifices e.g. (.040). The flow through the manifold is primarily liquid assuring accurate metering. A slight aberrancy occurs in the injection lines since line pressure is below the primary manifold port pressure. The result is superior regulation at very low flow rates.

As the applicator approaches normal ground speed the pump builds pressure above the (6) accumulator charge pressure (75 psi). The (7) piston moves off the (2) piston sealing flange. This movement of the piston retards the flow out of the 48 (1) primary port orifices and directs the flow through the larger 48 (3) secondary ports. With the piston moved up the secondary ports are interconnected to the primary ports, the outlet galleys and range orifices. Metering can occur at the range orifices. The flow is finally metered as a liquid at the terminal injection point by the terminal expansion orifices. The injection pressure is above vapor pressure confirming true liquid flow at the injection point.






Exactrix manifolds also apply solution fertilizers with the highest port A accuracy, 3 to 4 times more accurate than flooded manifolds.....plus the dual stage manifold provides up to triple the flow range.



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