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       Page 2  Rate of Return....with Accurate
            Application  of NH3.......corn 

The yield in creases of 9 to 20 bushels per acre at $2.50 per bushel result in $22.50 to $50.00 per acre additional revenue. A 2,000 acre farm with 1000 acres in corn will produce between $22,500.00 to $50,000.00 of increased annual revenue.

An Exactrix system produces between 400 and 888% annualized return on an investment of $6,600.


arrow.gif (605 bytes)Accurate application means higher nitrogen use efficiency and a reduction in NH3 of about 10% depending on organic matter, residual nitrogen and rotation.

arrow.gif (605 bytes)Late fall banding with the Exactrix system is an exclusive design feature of the system. Banding at freezing temperatures means less fall conversion.  Banding into soil that is frozen is possible if only the top two or three inches are frozen. The pressure increasing pump with the correct supply side components assure precision at low temperature.

arrow.gif (605 bytes)Accurate and timely application of NH3 can substantially improve a $2 billion dollar problem with nitrate leaching. The runoff in the streams and the leaching into the  drinking water is reduced.

arrow.gif (605 bytes)Single disc openers can now be utilized to place liquid NH3. These openers require less horsepower and disturb the soil less. Placement into heavy residue under No-till is now possible.

arrow.gif (605 bytes)The best safety record in the industry. Low operating cost.. no flow meters, supercoolers, and electronic systems to maintain.

"Quality is always remembered well after price is forgotten."
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